January 16, 2015

Remember me?

Hello again blog! Long time, no see! =)

It has been over a YEAR (!!!) since I last caught the world the last few patiently waiting family members up on the crazy antics of our family. Way too long for record keeping sake, but the truth is...I just didn't have the energy to work up a post. Life was busy happening! (And y'all who have littles and blog regularly...you are my heroes! I have NO clue how you do that! But I'm going to try! =)

So there will be no apologies from me this year, no ridiculously long, picture-filled post of an entire 12 months of lacking blogging, and no regrets. I plan to just jump in today, post the crazy pictures I capture of my silly 4 year olds, throw in a few throw back posts, and share the fun tidbits of our life as we move along...much too quickly, in my opinion!

Here is just a small sampling of what most of my pictures look like recently! The boys have mastered all things technology, of which there is plenty in our home! They fill our devices with pictures of nothing, silly faces, the world from their perspectives, and they crack us up!

The life of "Team Steiner" (as the boys refer to us as quite regularly!) is never dull. These boys keep us on our toes, bring us joy, stretch us in our parenting and patience, and surpass anything we could have ever dreamed of in having a family. I feel so blessed and truly grateful to God for the blond-haired miracles He gave us. Life is definitely the best adventure with them in it!

We are starting a new adventure in the next few weeks...moving! We have loved living back in Providence, especially with my parents next door this last year! But, out of the blue, I stumbled upon our dream house a few months ago, and amazingly, every single step worked out at just the right time for it to become ours! We plan to move at the beginning of February, and we all couldn't be more excited! We have a beautiful home on 2.4 acres, just north of the city our lives mostly happen in, with a pool! The boys are so excited, talking everyday about their new house, their pool, and how they are going to fill the house up with "people everywhere"! And we are just as excited...maybe more!! We have a busy few weeks coming, and I can't wait to share pics of us in our home! But until we actually get there, here are a couple pics from the listing of our new place. We want everyone to know you are welcome to come visit and we would love to have you!

That's all for tonight! I promise I'll be back with updates from Team Steiner soon!


Jenny Brannan said...

Holy cow! Can I live there too?!? That house is gorgeous! Congrats my friend! And welcome back to Blog Land. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Your new home is beautiful!!