December 27, 2013

Our Buddy the Elf

Our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy, has been visiting us this month!  He sure has had a fun time at the Steiner house! Every morning, W and J have raced downstairs to see where Buddy was and what he was up to!  And Mommy and Daddy have sure had fun with Buddy too! ;-)

 Welcome Buddy!
He brought the boys a DVD, a book, and Christmas jammies!
Reading the book with Daddy and showing off their skills!
Repelling down the fan cord!
W&J thought he was amazing!

Curtain top sitting!
Thanks to the help of their ladder truck, Buddy found a high perch for the day!
Guess he's not afraid of heights!
A Mirror Message!
Buddy got ahold of our dry erase markers and left W&J a little note!
DJ Buddy
Buddy snuck into their room and took control of W&J's ipod!
Potty Break!
W&J got a kick out of seeing how elves use the potty...
Sweet Buddy was sure trying to help in #2 potty training!
Gone Fishing!
He caught some big ones!!
Stocking Switch-a-roo!
Uh-oh!  Buddy hid the stockings and brought out the big boy underwear!
 Letters to Santa--Special Delivery by Buddy
Written by both boys and delivered to the North Pole by Buddy...
They were so excited to have a letter from Santa!

Marshmallow Bubble Bath
Buddy needed a relaxing day!

Choo-Choo Rides!
Buddy loves riding the train around our Christmas tree!

Curtain Sliding
This little elf loves be crazy!

Family Room Zip Line!

The Real Reason of Christmas
Buddy brought the boys a special book...the boys love talking about Baby Jesus!

Santa Picture Day!
Even though Will was looking down, the smile was just too cute!
They love Santa!

Buddy Love Trains Too!
The train in the dining room made Jack beyond happy!  And they both loved their
Thomas jammies and cups!

Christmas Cookies--YUM!
Buddy was hungry!!

Sick Day! =(
Both boys and Buddy were a bit under the weather today!

Buddy Misses Santa!
Buddy seemed to be homesick...he just hung out on Santa all day!

Happy Birthday Daddy!
Buddy helped us decorate and celebrate Daddy's birthday!

Tire Swing!
Silly Buddy! He borrowed a wheel and made a tire swing!

Waiting for Santa!
Buddy had such a great month at our house, but was ready to head home to the North Pole. He watched for Santa all day!

Goodbye Buddy!
The boys usually don't get to touch Buddy (or he'll lose his magic/ability to fly back to the North Pole), but they each gave him a hug goodbye! And they had to try some of the snacks we left for Santa and the reindeer too!  Silly boys!
What a great month with our special elf! Can't wait to see you again next December, Buddy!

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