November 2, 2013

Our Super Halloween!

What a fun Halloween we had with our little guys this year!  I honestly can't believe that this was the 4th one we have gotten to celebrate with them!  And this was the first year that they truly "got it"...the saying "trick or treat" and "thank you",  hunting through their bag of candy for just the right piece, and being in awe of all of the costumes we saw!  Such fun to see our big boys taking in their world!

This year they were both Superman!  Well, we were all superman! We tend to like family themes...not sure how long we'll be able to do it, but it sure was fun! For those of you who know Justin, I'm sure you know his love for Superman!  We actually bought these costumes on clearance the year the boys were born.  They were seriously 5 pounds when we bought these 3T/4T costumes (we were clueless at how the sizes worked then!) and we had no idea it would be 4 years later that they'd actually be wearing them! Ha!  But it was worth the wait, because they love superman and were thrilled to tell everyone what they were going to be for Halloween!

Here is a collage of the 4 years of costumes!
1st year: almost 2 months old--still in the NICU, they were the "Steiner Globetrotters" (in Build a bear costumes, taken in so they fit their tiny bodies!)
2nd year: 1 year old--A monkey (Will) and a lion (Jack)--we were the Steiner Zoo (Mommy and Daddy were the zookeepers!)
3rd year: 2 years old--Crayons--Green (Jack) and Blue (Will)
4th year: 3 years old--SUPERMAN!

We started the day with a silly toast breakfast...a huge hit!
 We practiced how to trick or treat over and over today!!  ;-)

This doesn't have anything to do with Halloween, but it was just too stinking cute not to include! Betsy and Jack were taking a little rest together on the floor!  Melt my heart! =)
 My friend Tara (Shop at Reesey Roo's!) made these adorable candy bags for the boys!
We attempted a little photo shoot of the costumes this year, but the boys were a bit too busy watching other kids in costumes out and about! =)

Our Super Family!!
 We all had our capes on!

Heading to Gigi and Boppa's for the first trick or treat of the night!
 "Trick or Treat!!!"
 And we were off for the fun!

 "A spider Mommy!!!"
 My favorite Supermen!! =)
 And later in the night...look what we came across on our corner! It's a bird, it's a's MY Superman! =)
 And for our yearly after trick or treating tradition...a golf cart ride around the neighborhood to look at all the fun decorations!

And the last thing... a special dig through their loot to pic the one piece that they got to eat that night...
And we regretted it because we had boys bouncing off the walls of their room until 10:30pm!!  Oh well, we had a great super Halloween!!


Jessica said...

omg, that video of them saying Happy Halloween is adorable!!!

Jessica said...

omg, that video of them is adorable!!!