September 7, 2013

W&J's 3rd Birthday!

What a FUN, FUN, FUN 3rd birthday it was for our big boys this year!  And for Mommy & Daddy, too!! =) 

I decided not to do a birthday party this year, but instead, just celebrate with family at home. SO much easier than a big party--but I know this is the only year I'll be able to get away with no party! =)

We had fun doing a little decorating after bedtime the night before their birthday...

We even snuck into their room and went wild with streamers!  Jack woke up and just laid there watching us with a huge grin on his face!  But he must have really been out, because he had no recollection of us being in there the next morning! We are going to have to work on our sneakiness!  

Watch this video...they REALLY got that it was their birthday this year!  Such fun!

They wanted to hold EVERY balloon on the way down the stairs!

Of course, we had to do some presents before breakfast! (We spread them out throughout the day--and actually through the next week as more arrived in the mail!!)

Melissa & Doug wooden toys
Special birthday pancakes!

This was one of MANY times we sang to them on their birthday! They love candles!

We had some happy birthday boys on our hands! 
After breakfast, we loaded up the van with Gigi and Boppa and headed to the boys' favorite park--the Windmill Park (as we call it!).  We were sad Mammaw and Pappaw couldn't come to celebrate too, but Gene was gearing up for a huge leg/ankle surgery and couldn't travel anymore.

We couldn't believe it, but the park was completely empty, and the boys had the whole thing to themselves! We had a picnic (Sonic) lunch, and then played for a bit before it got too hot!

The huge pile of gravel right outside the fence was a HUGE hit!!
Then the boys were stripped down (almost completely into their birthday suits ;-) and they got to make a few runs through the splash pad part of the park!

Look at those tall, long-legged boys of ours!!
After a nap, they were up for birthday cake and another round of presents!

We found them a little tikes grill--Justin and I actually bought it at a yard sale during one of our long bike rides!

Grill Master Jack
Grill Master Will
Playing with their presents...

Kisses for Boppa
Hug for Gigi
Thanks for coming!
And these were just a few of the faces of our 3 year olds on a sugar high from their cake and ice cream!  Needless to say, bedtime was a little bit crazy! 

And over the next few days... more presents arrived that the boys are having a blast playing with!
A plane and a truck that come with drills so the boys can take them apart and put them together--great find Gigi and Boppa!
The popper packaging always seems to be the biggest hit!! ;-)

Mammaw and Pappaw sent a box full of goodies, including this 6-foot-long Busytown game!  We had fun trying it out...
But watching the sand fall in the time seemed to be the highlight! Ha!  I guess they'll get the hang of the game a bit more soon!
I'm trying to instill in the boys thankfulness and being grateful for their blessings by always writing thank you notes.  Daddy did the words this year, but the boys each added their special touch on each one. They actually repeated after me and said the present they were thankful for as they colored! Sometimes I'm still shocked by how big they are getting and how much they understand!!


And thank you to my wonderful friend Michelle (her Etsy Shop is Chelle Belle Baby), who has lovingly created personalized shirts for my boys each year of their lives!!  What a gift! We love you! I'm going to take your idea and make them a quilt out of all them someday!!
How adorable are these shirts?? And my boys in them?? =) Michelle is the best!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have celebrated a third year of life with my boys. There were years I wondered if it would ever happen for us, so I don't take any of it for granted! They are growing and changing so quickly, and I just want to soak up every minute of my dreams come true!

Happy birthday to my big boys! I love you Will & Jack!


DAD said...

Great blog, Aly!

Giggles said...

Oh wow! They look so grown up. Happy 3rd!