September 8, 2013


The Old College Tri
Before, at the finish line, with our cheerleaders, our shirts/bib#s/medals

I completed my first triathlon today!!!  This was #5 for Justin, but his first one since the boys were born three years ago!  What a great experience it was--the training together for the last few months and the actual race day today.  All I can say is a big thank you to my parents--without them our training together would not have been possible!

We completed it together in 1 hour and 39 minutes, hand-in-hand! (FYI, it was a short sprint triathlon: 250m swim, 12mile bike ride, and 5K run/walk ;) I love my husband and it is just so much fun doing this together.  Since the boys were born, we've really been so busy just being mom and dad, but this is something that we have been able to do as Alyson and Justin!  Such a treat for us as a couple, and definitely something that we will continue doing in the future!  Next on the list... P90X (If you know what that is, you know we are crazy!! ;-) and maybe another Tri in October. We'll see!

And a few pictures of the fun we had with the boys after we finished... thanks Dad for bringing them and being our cheering squad/paparazzi! Love you!

 The boys kept asking us where the football was!!  Maybe we have football players!! ;-)

I guess I wasn't done running!! 

Such fun! I'm pretty proud of us! (Not sure if that's right to say or not, but I am!! ;-)

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