August 5, 2013

Big Boy Beds!

Back in June, we had a big change in our house!  The boys moved out of their cribs and into big boy beds! They had been able to crawl out of their cribs for awhile, but were starting to do it more and more. One day I just decided it was time!  The boys "helped" me take apart their baby beds and set up their big boy beds!

And then, for about a week, we just had their beds made up on the floor.  We weren't too sure if they'd roll off or not, so we didn't put them up on the frames. I found these awesome foam wedges that go under the fitted sheet to help them not roll out.  So far, they work pretty well!

They LOVE being big boys, and they sure enjoy their beds!! 
And a week later... the platform part of the beds! Can't believe they're such big boys already!!

We have some balance-beam walking occasionally =)
And we LOVE how much more comfy it is to read books all together!

**The latest**
They have been in their beds almost 2 months now, and really like them!  They chatter back and forth, sometimes play a bit in their room before laying down, and sometimes even take a nap in the same bed!  One day, after playing awhile, they even fell asleep in the chairs! I saw it in the monitor and had to sneak in for a picture!
Don't know how they were comfy here!! 
They are still doing a great job sleeping in their beds, but in the last few weeks of July, since we put in their matching dresser (thankfully mounted to a stud in the wall!), they have been having a bit of play time in the afternoons instead of napping. =(  We even got to the point where they had figured out how to unlock the baby locks on the drawers, climb up them, and get into the lotion and diaper creams that were up on top--what a MESS! I was going a little bit crazy after 3 days of no naps and boys saying, "Mommy, I all done!" only a bit into nap time. I was NOT ready for them to stop their afternoon naps yet, and my mom came up with a brilliant solution--nap time in their travel tents!!  They usually just use these when we are at Mammaw and Pappaw's house, but it was time for some at home camping! We zip them into them, and they LOVE getting to "camp" in their rooms--and they actually take their naps again!  Which has brought my sanity back!  I'm not sure how long they'll want to camp, but so far, so good!  
The tents setup...
I'm so happy to have these tents!  We also have the stoplight alarm clock that you see up on the dresser. It is a red light when we want them to stay in bed, and it turns green at the time it is okay to get up.  I really got it to see if it would keep them from crawling into the other's bed if the other was still sleeping to mess with him, and it works some of the time. =) They know what the lights mean, and will argue that "the light turned green Mommy!" when we are trying to head to bed for nap time in the afternoon! Smarty pants boys!  Overall, it was a great investment and it has helped the staying in bed situation, and will continue to help as they get older! 

I'm just so proud of our big boys...they are hardly any "baby" things left here...other than diapers. =( But that too will be done sooner rather than later!  I just love my big boys and am so proud of them each day!

August 2, 2013

Visiting our new neighbors!

Will and Jack decided to go visit our new next door neighbors this morning! Who could they be?? 

Boppa and Gigi!!!!

We are SO excited that they moved in next door! When the house went on the market this spring, we worked hard to convince them to buy it, and we are so happy they did! Even though they were already in the neighborhood (about 1 mile away), we love it that they are just a few steps away! I can only imagine the fun the boys will have as they grow up, being able to run next door to their house!

Welcome to the block, Boppa and Gigi! So glad to have you here!

"It's Boppa, Mommy!"
(And they had to do a little work with their toolset while we were there! ;-)