May 11, 2013

Visit to Tulsa

We spent a really fun weekend in March at Mammaw and Pappaw's house!

My packing helpers =)

The boys got haircuts by Mr. Will up in Tulsa, the same one that did their first haircuts
What a fun waiting room--full of tons of toys!

Will wasn't happy about the haircut...

But it sure turned out cute!

Jack didn't mind!

Such handsome boys!!
The highlight of this trip was going to Chuck E. Cheese!!  It was a first for the boys and they still talk about it!!  We played tons of games, ate pizza, and had a fun (and exhausting!) time! Not sure why I don't have more pictures! I guess I was too busy chasing hyperstimulated boys! 

Meeting the main mouse!
As always, Pappaw had his awesome trains set up, and the boys had fun getting to fun the controls and do the whistle!

Watching the ducks out in their lake!

And we had fun with Mammaw on the Thomas coloring table! They were so proud of themselves for "writing" their names!!

It's always fun at Mammaw and Pappaw's house! Looking forward to our next trip up!

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