May 11, 2013


During the weekend we celebrated Mammaw's birthday, we also had a fun outing that Pappaw (and everyone else!) loved!!  We got to ride on Thomas! The real (life-size) Thomas the Train Engine goes around to different cities, and this weekend it was here!  The boys love Thomas, and thanks to Mammaw and Pappaw, have a wonderful Thomas trainset of their own.  But they were overjoyed that they got to go for a ride to see the REAL Thomas! What a fabulous day we had with our boys and all four of their grandparents!

I dressed the boys up pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself! =) They wore their train overalls (that were presents from Mammaw and Pappaw), and then I found engineer hats and scarves for them, as well as train whistles that we already had! So cute! We got there right about the time we needed to board the train. Look at the excitement on their faces the moment they saw Thomas pulling into the station...


 The ride was full of kids who were so happy! It was such fun to see all the families out together!  Will was pretty grumpy at first... not wanting to wear his hat or have anything but a frown on his face. But after a snack, he was happy and ready to enjoy the rest of the day! The train ride was about 30 minutes long--pretty much just up a stretch of track then back--but the boys loved it!  They went back and forth between us all, and noticed everything! The conductor even came by and punched their tickets!  

We are so lucky to have all of our parents such huge parts of the boys' lives, and that we all have such a great time doing things together! I think Pappaw, Mammaw, Boppa and Gigi had a fun ride with the boys!

Mammaw, Jack, Pappaw, Boppa, Will, Gigi

And yes, I know this picture is horribly blurry, but it would have been the cutest picture ever, don't you think?  I just had to include it since it shows all of us happy with Thomas in the background! =)

At least this one turned out!

After the ride, we spent some time at the little shops/play areas that were set up to go with it. 

The boys and the men all went off to explore, while the ladies went to the gift shop.  The grandmas bought the boys Thomas toothbrushes (which the ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!) and I got them a little Thomas toy for the bathtub.  

Watching them bend metal at the forge with the grandpas!

There's Thomas!
The last thing we did was stop at the gigantic train layout. Pappaw is planning to build a big one at his house that the boys are going to love!
The train that ran around the edge at the lowest level had a Thomas engine, and the boys thought it was the best thing EVER as it went around!

What a day!  The boys talked about this for weeks! Literally!  Thanks grandparents for going with us and making it such a special day! 

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