May 11, 2013

Superhero Basketball

Mammaw and Pappaw came to visit us back in April for a fun-filled weekend!  We always have such a great time when they come down to visit!  The boys adore them!!

We got to celebrate Mammaw's birthday!

Chocolate "pupcakes" were Will's idea... just for Mammaw!

And then came a morning of Superhero Basketball!!  They boys (and Daddy!) are loving the new basketball courts, and Mammaw, Daddy, W&J had a great time--capes and all!! 

(By the way... this day Jack was Superman and Will was Batman. They take turns being each! =)

Batman got a little distracted over on the tennis courts!

Dunking... with a little help from a wonderfully-tall Daddy!

We will work on not traveling later! =)

Photo ops with Pappaw

The Steiner Men

It is sure going to be fun getting to watch these boys play sports as they grow!!  Wonder if they'll always wear capes?! =) 

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