May 11, 2013

March wrap-up

March flew by...full of fun days, some warm and some cold, and many memories made!! They are officially 2 1/2 years old and able to do so many things!

W&J love to explore, climb, and walk in our front park...
W (See our red house in the background? That is why we call this park our front yard!)

They love to put on boots! (Definitely little Texans!)

Watching/feeding ducks...

A special treat was introduced this month... donuts with sprinkles!!  They love them!

Coloring and playing with stickers...

More duck watching/feeding with Boppa!

Playing in the dirt!

Going for walks...
Notice how their legs are crossed exactly opposite!!  Too funny!

Going for rides behind Daddy's bike...

Snack time out on the patio...

I joined a freezer meal club this month!  It is quite a bit of work and planning to make 12 of the same meal, but once I'm done and we all exchange, I have 12 different meals to enjoy throughout the month!!  Yay for less cooking and grocery shopping!

12 Mexican casseroles...Done!
The boys have also discovered the McDonald's (and sometimes Chick fil a) playplaces!  We don't go very often, but the boys sure had fun at the pirate themed one with Boppa one night!

Lunch--the day that Gigi got home from being out in California for almost 6 weeks with Grammie! The boys were so happy to see her!

My little superheros!

Jack's first real Lego build... a plane!  He was so proud!

Found the boys a doctor kit!  Hours and hours of fun!

Just love every day with my little guys!

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