May 11, 2013


A few years ago, we found the town of Muenster, Texas.  It is a little German town about an hour from where we live. It has cute little shops and a grocery store that carries the best locally made cheese and brats! Every year they have a weekend called Germanfest--complete with delicious food, music, fun, petting zoo, and more...a great little town fair atmosphere!  We thought it would be fun to take the boys this year, and so Sunday morning, we loaded up the van with the boys, Gigi & Boppa, and headed to Muenster!

The highlight (literally) for the boys were all the hay bales around.  They stopped and played with just about every one they saw!
Let me in to the castle! 
A kettle corn snack break in the stroller...
Watching Lance the Lemur and the other animals inside the petting zoo!

More hay!

Mommy sneaking in a shot with my boys!

And the highlight for us was the live music... well actually watching the boys enjoy the live music!  Take a look!

Short lemonade break with Daddy
Then we all got up and danced... it started out with the Polka band playing the twist, then the boys decided they needed to do a little break dancing in the middle! Ha!

And we finished off the day with a Conga line!  Too fun!

I just had to add this one... Whenever Justin take pictures with our camera, I always find amazing pictures mixed in with our memories!  He has such an artist's eye and sees such beauty in things that I sometimes just pass right by!  Love it!
What a GREAT day!! This will definitely be a yearly tradition for us!!

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