May 11, 2013

April wrap-up

April was a full month, and it also included a first (which wasn't so much fun)... the boys' first stomach virus. Yuck.  Don't worry, I'm not posting pictures, but just wanted to record it... we made it two and a half years without anything like that--a pretty good run!

As they started feeling better, they had fun eating ice chips out of color-changing cups with Mommy's measuring spoons... whatever helped them feel better!
Double hat Jack--his own creation!
Auntie Kristen also came to visit us this month, and the boys were so excited!!
Auntie K with Jack
with Will
And with both--not sure why Jack was making such a silly face!
She brought the boys super cool gifts, including these awesome straw cups!
Fun bath time in Mommy's big bath tub!
We recently found a new show, The Fresh Beat Band, that the boys (and us too!) love!  Jack picked up this little song and dance, and it was just too cute!

This one I'm including because I think my hubby is so thoughtful!  We had just finished our own shopping at Home Depot, loaded the boys up, and then Justin went to help this couple load a ton of heavy stones into their car!  I love my man and how he is always on the lookout for ways to help others!

We spent a lot of time at parks this month, since the weather was (mostly) pretty nice out! We load up our van quite often with our friends Gideon, Edgell, and their mom Jenn, and go visiting parks all around the area! This park, the Windmill Park, is their favorite as of right now!  We are trying to get in as many as possible until it gets too hot!

Can't believe they can actually balance and walk across this rope!
At the park near the library

The boys with their hats that they made with Gigi!
Our good friends were moving this month, so one day, to give my friend Michelle an afternoon without kids to work, we brought Addie and Emmie home with us for an afternoon. They boys were thrilled--they LOVE Addie and Baby Emmie!
We at a Chick Fil A lunch all together at the counter

And the boys wanted to help Emmie eat!
When Emmie and the boys were all down for naps, Addie and I played and played!  She was dentist Addie in this picture, checking my teeth! =) She's so much fun!

When they all woke up, we went to the park to play--the boys pulled their princesses in the wagon!

Jack getting creative with his cereal. =(
We recently moved the boys to the very back seat of the van (they call it the back side!) and put down the middle seats.  They LOVE it, and it is fun for all of us!  We are going to drive to Minnesota at the end of May, so we are getting them ready to ride in the far back so Kathy and I don't have to sit back there for the trip!
Holding hands!
I had a nice girl's night out for a pedicure along with some of my lifegroup ladies!  So nice!

The boys love to help--
Helping Daddy with the hose...
Helping Mommy feed Betsy too!
After having a few friends over to our house with babies, the boys have gotten out our baby doll that their cousin Annie and her family got them for their birthday.  It is so sweet to watch how gentle they are with the baby and how they love to take care of him!  So glad they are getting how to be nice to babies so they are careful with the real ones!

Random... we got a tree planted in our backyard!  We love it!

A short story... when my brother and I were little, we made my mom mad and played t-ball with the bud of her agapanthus...
Agapanthus... notice how before the flowers burst out, they kind of resemble t-balls??
Needless to say, my mom wasn't happy to have lost all her beautiful flowers just about to bloom to our "t-ball" games.  And now life has come full circle... 

My poor garlic plant that was going crazy with purple blooms...
Good work, W&J... I guess I deserved it! =)

And a few final pictures of my boys enjoying playing outside on these beautiful spring days!!

What a great month!

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