March 31, 2013

First Basketball Lesson

Justin was in heaven after our neighborhood Easter gather yesterday... he was finally able to give the boys their very first basketball lesson!  Our neighborhood HOA just completely remade two of the four tennis courts next to our pool into really nice full basketball courts!  I know that my three boys will be getting a lot of use out of these for many many years to come!!!  

Will in blue, Jack in green
I had so much fun watching them play together!  Will was Daddy's little shadow--he didn't take his eyes off Justin for one minute! He wanted to be with his Daddy, try to the throw the ball like Daddy, and  just be like Daddy! Jack on the other hand was having tons of fun splashing in puddles, rolling on the basketball, and occasionally trying to throw the ball to Daddy. =) He's our little free-spirit!  But they both loved getting held way up high by Justin to touch the net, and were all giggles when they were "so tall"! 

Will up for a dunk...
And Jack too!  They are so lucky to have such a tall Daddy!

Dribbling practice
Jack had good balancing skills--rolling on the ball! 

Jacky found a puddle =)
Wow... Daddy still has it!  They were in awe!
Water break!
Will and Daddy were still working!

I just love that Justin has two sons to do sports with!  They just adore their Daddy and I look forward to the years of fun that they will all have together!  I know it will continue to be a special "boys time" for them all! I'm sure this is just the first of so many practices together!!

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Joy said...

So sweet! I love it! I love how their personalities are starting to come out more and more! :-)