February 27, 2013

Break Over! =)

While I've been busy enjoying life with all my guys the last month, you've probably been wondering where the Steiners have gone to! 

In a nutshell, we've been traveling (California for a Mom's Conference and Galveston for a quick family vacation), working (Justin started a new job--a big promotion!), dealing with sickness (the boys had RSV--a mild case, thank goodness-- and Daddy got it too), all of us busy with church, HOA, and MOPS events, having fun with grandparents (minus Gigi who has been out in CA taking care of Grammie for almost a month), and just being busy with life!  Phew!  So here is a quick picture catch-up of our month that went much too quickly!

A few pics from Galveston...

We went to the aquarium and they loved it!

A fun family walk... one of many this month!
Justin was walking backwards, and the boys wanted to try as well! =)

Helping Mommy cook... AKA licking the beaters =)

Bubbles with Mammaw and Pappaw!

And as of the last week, the boys are eating at the counter or at the table!  No more high chairs for them!!  Sniff! =( I'm so proud of them and love how big they are getting, but it makes me a bit sad too! They are just so proud of themselves and are LOVING every minute of being big boys!

They were trying to play horsey with each other (like Daddy does with them!)

Had to throw this one in...Betsy's fur had gotten matted underneath, so she shad to get shaved! Poor Baby!  She acted like she felt naked the first few day! =(
And just yesterday, I was walking by Jack and heard this!!  I have no clue how he figured this out! We sure haven't taught him!!

The boys LOVED the new dog door Boppa installed at his house for Molly! Listen to those gut giggles!

On Friday the boys will be 2 1/2...can't believe it!  So I'm working on a post updating all of the amazing things they do!! Stay tuned!