January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

I feel like just a blink or two ago it was January of 2012!  How did this year go by so quickly? 

How did this happen?!?!?
January 2012
(Jack in green)
January 2013
(Will in blue)
The boys have sure grown A TON in so many ways this last year--especially physically and in there vocabulary. They are definitely both all boy! I love how we are truly understanding what they want and say now--they sure have their own opinions! They are officially 28 months old, and I think they they think are going on 5! I'm so looking forward to this coming year, and seeing the things that they learn and are able to do! 

I'm sure thankful for each and every moment of this past year, getting to be Justin's wife and Will & Jack's mom.  I still can't believe how God has answered my most earnest prayers--above and beyond everything I ever dreamed!  I'm can't wait to live in each moment of this coming year.  As I'm realizing more and more, life flies by MUCH too quickly, so one of my goals this year is to be conscious of being present in each and every moment.  And as I've realized over the last 6 months (of the boys being super busy), blogging gets pushed down on the to-do list.  I hate this, because this truly is my record for our family of our life, but I've resolved that I will stop feeling guilty about this!  I seriously have this nagging "I have to blog" voice repeating over and over in my head, but I've decided that it will just get done when it gets done!  Just like the Thanksgiving and Christmas 2012 blogs that are STILL not posted--they will get done at some time, and I refuse to feel bad that I wasn't caught up by the end of 2012.  I was just too busy enjoying my life! =)

Happy 2013 to all those who love our family!  May God bless you and your family this year, and I pray that this year He draws you closer than you've ever been to Him! 

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