January 14, 2013

Tulsa Thanksgiving

We always love spending time up at Mammaw and Pappaw's house, but around the holiday time is especially fun! Our Thanksgiving was in Tulsa this year, and they already had the house all decked out for Christmas! It was beautiful!!  And the boys L.O.V.E.D. Pappaw's train underneath the tree!!  It was the first thing they did when we arrived Wednesday night, and I think we played with it a couple times each day every day we were there! =) These boys love "Choo-Choos" and Pappaw is more than happy to play!
The Polar Express train is set up and chugs, whistles, and even smokes as it flies around the track! 

Jack was happy that he could hear the bell ringing!! (Polar Express)
They also love hanging out on their back porch--looking at the lake and calling for the ducks!!
"Ducks... are you?" ("Are you" is "where are you?" in W&J speak!)
We took the boys for a ride in the wagon their Daddy rode in when he was little!! 

More duck watching! 
We also hit a new park every day--Tulsa and Jenks have some great parks!!! These boys had a blast!

The scrumptious feast!  It was heavenly!! G&K make a mean turkey with all the fixings!!
Mammaw and her boys--enjoying the ipad!
Park #2--and the boys wanted us all to come into the train! It was a tight fit! =)

Driving their truck...
And giving Mommy & Daddy a ride!
This is a very special deck... it was on this deck on the evening of November 3, 2001 that my sweet man surprised me with a very special question!  I said yes, and have been so blessed to be by his side all these years!  It was so much fun bringing our boys there these year for some pictures!

We have a whole series of shadow pictures over the years... love the two little heads next to ours in this picture! I'm so thankful!!
 We went to Rhema Lights--a tradition in Tulsa. Rhema Bible College does such an incredible job of decorating their campus with hundreds of thousands of lights each year!  We go anytime we are in Tulsa at the holidays, and I have to say this year was probably the best I've seen!

Pappaw & Mammaw with the bundled up boys
Our little family!
We also went to the Tulsa Zoo while we were there--they boys second time at the zoo ever! They LOVE animals!

The boys were mesmerized by the performing elephants!
They loved getting to touch this one!
On the train that runs around the zoo--such fun!
The boys with the engine
Such a cute picture!
The fam!

And a quick carousel ride before we left!  

Final night enjoying Pappaw's train...with Daddy
and with Mommy.
But I still think technology is their absolute favorite...give them a phone or ipad, and they'll play for as long as we let them!!
Thank you, Gene & Kathy for having us up for Thanksgiving! We always love being at your home, the boys love all the great toys you have for them to play with, and you always feed us such delicious food!  We love you! 

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