January 15, 2013

Snow Day!!

Today I was totally surprised by a snow day!  I'm usually pretty on top of the weather forecast, but I wasn't today!  I saw on an early morning Facebook check a friend posting about snow, and sure enough, there was snow coming down outside my window too!  I could hardly wait for the boys to get up and finish breakfast so I could bundle them up and play outside for a bit!  We don't get consistent snow here in Texas, and now this is our second snowstorm in 3 weeks!  The boys didn't get to enjoy our Christmas snow day since they were sick, so I was determined to not miss this one!

And they LOVED it!!  
Our backyard with a pretty covering of snow!
The pic we sent to Daddy who was out of town on a business trip.  The boys wished he was here to play too--they were saying, "Snow Daddy!"
Will in brown bear hat, Jack in green frog hat
At first they weren't quite sure if they wanted to go out onto the snow

But they got a little bit more brave...
And a little closer...
And Will was the first to head out into the snow!
Betsy was loving it too, and ran around the whole time we were out there!  (This is a dog that sleeps on a pillow 95% of the time!) It was like she was a puppy again!
And Jack had fun chasing her around the yard!

At first, neither were too fond of there being snow on their gloves--they kept asking met to "wash, wash, wash"!

Will...look at those eyelashes!!
Then they learned how to "clap" the snow off their hands
And they thought it was pretty fun!
While Jack was chasing Betsy, Will was working on wiping the snow off the top of our retaining wall =)
Will tried to suck his thumb, but it didn't quite work the same with the mittens! 
 We came inside after about 15 minutes because we were all really cold! But the didn't want to come and kept asking to go back out to the snow! But I think they had fun...don't these cheese faces say it all?!
Jack's silly face
Will's big smile

And if that wasn't enough, I had quick meeting later in the morning, so I dropped the boys off at my parents house for a bit.  And they went out for walk to the playground, made snow angels, and built a snowman with Gigi and Boppa!  Fun!

The "Snowman" =)
With Boppa
They were very proud!!
Will making snow angels with Gigi
On a mission!

What a fabulous day playing with my big boys in the snow!! They will sleep well tonight!! =)


And because I didn't get these pictures sent to Mammaw and Pappaw like I promised I would earlier today... Sorry Kathy! Here are pics of the boys' haircuts--they sure look so much more grown up whenever Gigi cuts their hair! 


Ryley Moore said...

They are sooooo cute! Wish I were there to play with them!

Jenny Brannan said...

So fun!!! y boys don't like snow on their hands either. They especially like picking icicles off trucks and fences! Today we tried sledding, and they loved it!