January 14, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

What a fabulous Christmas we had this year...and to top it all off, we had SNOW on Christmas Day!! In Texas! How perfect is that?!  The boys were both a little under the weather, but that really didn't slow them down too much! And...Uncle Aaron was here with us too--what a fun Christmas!

Christmas Eve Day--

Christmas Jammies (we had 3 different ones that they wore the days up to Christmas!
We went out to the cemetery to redo the flowers on Jonathan's grave as a family... hard to believe it has been 4 1/2 years since we kissed his sweet face for the first and last time.  He is always on my mind, and I love going out to visit his grave--he will never be forgotten!!

My three boys

We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church... there were such huge crowds there (even with the 6 services!) that we sat in the overflow seats out in the lobby!  But it was still a wonderful message!

After the service, we went back to Gigi & Boppa's house for a delicious dinner!

The boys loved their beautiful tree...
and quickly had removed about 4 of their ornaments!! =(
In keeping with our tradition of one present opened on Christmas eve, the boys opened their present from Uncle Aaron!

A bowling set!!!

Nearly impossible to get all the pins set up with two 2-year olds and a dog helping =)
But they got it...
And had a ton of fun!!

Christmas Day--

Christmas day started out rainy and cold, but it was warm and toasty inside!!  And look at all the wonderful gifts that Santa brought! ;-)

Good morning Will!
As we opened presents (many from our wonderful and thoughtful extended families--thank you!), the boys seemed to want to model and run around with their new things on!

And they were wearing their Christmas jammies, made by my friend Tara, embroidered with their initials!!
New slippers!
New hats!
New games... and more!
And their big presents from Gigi & Boppa...
Their very own chairs!  And Kangaroo blankets, made with love by Gigi!!
Notice the little foot pocket on Jack's green blanket?  It holds their feet all warm and snuggly!
And Justin and I each got one too! Thanks Mom!!
Thank you, Gigi!
Thank you, Boppa!
And Betsy all dressed up for her Christmas nap!
Ipad time with Boppa!
The chairs... how cute are these?!  With cup holders!!  The boys LOVE them!
A little cuddle time! Ha!
Mom and I putting the finishing touches on dinner1
The feast!
The table-- I love getting to host my family for Christmas!
And LOOK what the rain turned into right as we started eating!!!  A white Christmas!!!
A few inches of snow makes our house look like a postcard!!  Love it!
The dogs loved the snow...
And so did the boys! We only stayed out for a minute--Will was running a slight fever, and it was downright cold and windy! But it sure was beautiful!!
Will and Daddy
Jack and Mommy... he wasn't too sure about it!

Remember these little guys?
Christmas 2011
My have they grown!!
Merry Christmas from the Steiner Family!!

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