January 14, 2013

Justin's Birthday

We had a great day celebrating Justin's big 3-2!  His request for dinner was burgers, so we went as a family to Go-Go Burger! The boys did pretty well--thankfully we were eating early, so there weren't a lot of other patrons.  Two-year-olds and restaurants don't always go together well!  =)

These three have my whole heart!!

Will didn't want to take a picture =(
After we finished eating, we drove around the Frisco Main Street lights!  The boys weren't too great at watching the lights out the window that were coordinated to music... maybe next year!  But they did LOVE that we got them little ice cream cones--a first for them eating them out of cones on their own!  They did pretty well, but boy were they sticky!!

Happy birthday Daddy!
At home, helping Daddy open his presents!

Jack helping Daddy blow out his candles!

I hope you had a fabulous birthday, Justin! We all love you so very much!!

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