December 18, 2012

Since we've been home...

(I finally posted pictures from our cruise earlier tonight.  Click here if you missed that post!)

We have been busy doing not too much of anything around the house!  It has sure been nice to be home, getting back into our routine, and getting our shopping done for the holidays! 

This little girl sure missed us and seems to be happy we are all back together!

The boys have SO much fun playing with their Daddy! This was them on a space adventure last week... they were in their space helmet going to the moon! 

Just makes my heart melt to watch them play!
He definitely gets his workout when he comes home!
Their new favorite--Daddy Horsey! 
Cuddles with Jack
Happy Will
 The boys got these adorable train overalls from Mammaw and Pappaw at Thanksgiving (that post is coming soon!) and they love wearing them!  They call them their Choo-Choo pants!

The other day the boys wanted their glasses as we were leaving, and they wore them all the way to Bible study!  Don't they look studious?!

They LOVE to play in the leaves--that have finally all pretty much blown off the trees and into our garage!! We played in this pile for quite a long time!

Couldn't resist posting a picture of my Big Elf from our lifegroup Christmas party on Saturday. I put the bow on his head, and of course, he made a silly face! Don't kill me for posting this one, Babe! =)

And last but not least... we are starting to experiment with and get to know our potty chairs. They got them for their birthday in September, and were nowhere near ready for potty training yet (or maybe it is just that Mommy isn't). Lately though, they come into the bathroom with me every.single.time I have to go.  And just this week, Jack decided he needed to sit on my lap as well. He says, "Mommy potty, Jackie potty."  So even though our downstairs half bath is pretty small, I thought it was time to let them practice sitting on their own potties--fully clothed for "practice". 

Good thing we are practicing too, because we have a lot of rules that need to be established before "for real" potty time.  I hear myself saying these things quite frequently: 
"We don't put our ______ (hands, feet, face, etc) in the potty!"
"We don't touch the water in the potty!"
"Toys do NOT go in the toilet."
And so on...
 But who can resist these adorable faces?

My babies are just growing up WAY TOO FAST! 

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