December 1, 2012

Sail Away!

It's official...Justin and I are leaving for our first vacation without kids!  We are SOOOOO excited!  Not that we won't miss the boys, but we just can hardly wait to get away from every part of our life for 6 days and just relax!  To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary (at the end of the month), we are going on a 5 day Carnival cruise to Mexico--our first cruise ever--with an extra night in Galveston before we board the ship. My amazing and wonderful parents are holding down the fort for the week, with Super Mammaw coming down to help wrap up the end of the week. We are truly blessed to have such amazing parents--that are willing to step up in such a huge way--taking care of two 2 year old BUSY boys for a week! What a gift they are giving us so we can go and have this wonderful vacation--with no worries at all about our children! Thank you all so much!

So I'll be back sometime next week, with tons of beautiful pictures of our vacation, as well as a blog of our super fun Thanksgiving up in Tulsa!  We are completely disconnecting--no phones, no internet, no anything! (Sadly) I'm not sure we even know what to do without our phones/ipads/etc in our hands, but we are looking forward to it! 

We're off! =)

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Shelly Cunningham said...

Have fun! I am happy to hear you are disconnecting completely. What a gift to give yourself! :)