November 10, 2012

The Park!

Lately, with the beautiful weather and how much the boys love Love LOVE to play outside, we have gone to one of the neighborhood parks just about every day!  I adore our neighborhood--it is super kid friendly, with tons of parks and great things to do with the boys! So here is an assortment of park pics... the boys are getting really good at being messy boys!  More often than not we come home with 2 boys in desperate need of a bath! =)


This technically not at a park, but the boys were having a picnic lunch with Gigi on the back patio!

And the messiest park trip of all... so far =)

Jack had dirt all over his face!

Will only had these little smudges, but his scalp was brown from a huge handful of dirt that Jack dumped on his head! 

Boys are just SO MUCH FUN!

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