November 11, 2012

The Fair!

In October, we spent a really fun afternoon and evening with Gigi and Boppa at the State Fair of Texas.  I love going to the fair...well, I think the truth is I love fair food.  Even though is is ridiculously expensive to eat anything there, I still have to try as many things as I can! =)

The boys had so much more fun this year, now that they can walk along with us.  They still spent a lot of time in the stroller, since it was so busy (and they got pretty tired), but they really liked getting to explore!

The boys sat for a bit watching and listening to Big Tex...sadly, this was the last time the boys would ever see this Big Tex.  He burned down because of electrical shortage a few weeks later.  So sad!

Boppa got one of the booths on the midway to give the boys each a balloon, and they were in heaven!!

And we finished off the night watching the Fair Parade of Lights!  I had no idea that they even had a parade--we usually go during the day, so it was fun (for the boys and for us!) to be there at night and get to see the parade!

What a fun night with Gigi and Boppa!

And one last look at the beautiful lights! 

 I love getting to see all these things that are so familiar to me through my boys' eyes--everything is new and amazing!  What a gift children are to us...we forget how wonderful the details of life truly are! I'm so thankful for my beautiful boys!

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Shelly Cunningham said...

Your boys are so cute. Seeing them in their stroller takes me back to the days when our boys were in a stroller. I can't believe that time in our lives is over already! It goes too fast!