November 16, 2012

So Proud!!!

About 98.5% of my posts have been about our boys, and rightly so.  But today, is a post on how extremely proud I am of my hubby!!

Today is a very special and important day, and one to share with everyone!  He will most likely be embarrassed that I posted this, and say it's no big deal, but I beg to differ.  And I honestly don't care if he's a bit embarrassed!  Justin is such a hard working, talented and incredible man, and he is so humble and not every wanting the attention on himself.  But today, My Love, you deserve it!!

Justin got a big promotion today!  Read this note that was sent out by his boss...

I am pleased to announce that Justin Steiner has officially been promoted from the Sales Team Lead position to the Sales Manager of our new Southlake office.

I have known Justin for years and have had the pleasure of seeing first hand his many contributions that include top performance as a Loan Officer to successfully building and leading teams. He is an authority on products and processes that has helped him become an excellent resource for his team.

What’s more is that I have always been able to count on Justin doing the right things for the right reasons. I couldn’t be more pleased than to have Justin on the team and leading the opening of our Southlake office.

Congratulations Justin on your success and to what I know will be a highly successful launch of our newest office!

He is managing his very own branch of his company (he is the big boss at this location!) starting today! He has done such an amazing job over the last 8+ years of working his was up in his industry.  He is truly gifted at what he does, is a leader that his teams and bosses have always respected, turned to, and trusted. He has done and continues to do an incredible job at providing for our family.

(A few shots of his new office--will post one with him at the desk soon!)

But what I am most proud of is what his boss said in the third paragraph, "I have always been able to count on Justin doing the right things for the right reasons." Justin is a man of integrity--in his home life, his life as a Daddy, but also in his business life.  This is something that can't really be said about that many in today's society, especially in the industry he is in.  Too many just make the wrong and immoral choices, and I am so blessed to have this man, who honors God in all areas, to share my life with!

Justin, I love you so much, and appreciate you more than you know.  You are my very best friend, and I am the luckiest woman in the world to get to share life with you! Congratulations on your promotion and your very own branch--you deserve it!!


Shelly Cunningham said...

It feels so good when our husbands' hard work is rewarded. Congratulations!!!

Joy said...

Yay, Justin! I am so proud of you!!!! How exciting!

Jenny Brannan said...

Congrats Justin!

Emily Wise said...

Congratulations to Justin! And behind every strong man is a supportive and loving wife. Thank you for being a good example and friend. :) It's an honor to do life with you guys!