November 10, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with Mammaw & Pappaw

Last month Mammaw and Pappaw came down for a fun weekend with them! We went to the pumpkin patch for the second year in a row. The boys loved it so much more this year--this is definitely going to be a yearly tradition!

Hi Longhorn!

Mammaw helping the boys feed the goats
 Enjoying the hayride...

Jack wanted to cuddle while we rode... Mommy loved it!

More animal feeding!

And then they figured out how to climb the fence!  How are they already this big?!


Jack like this one =)

Will sitting on top of the pumpkin stack

Jack sliding off his stack

Our little family

My three silly scarecrows

The boys LOVE their Mammaw and Pappaw!!!

What a fun weekend!  
Thanks, Gene and Kathy for coming down, and being a super helpful set of hands while I worked on a neighborhood event!  You guys are the best and the boys adore you!  See you at Thanksgiving!

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Janet said...

What a lovely tradition! I can see the boys had a good time. Love how little ones always enjoy feeding animals! Precious memories!