November 20, 2012

First Dallas Zoo Trip!

On Saturday Justin and I took the boys, my mom and my brother to the Dallas Zoo.  What a special birthday gift from Aaron and Sara, and the boys absolutely LOVED every minute of it!!

We played the first half hour or so in the Children's Zoo section, and the boys had a blast running around, climbing, sliding, riding on wooden horses, seeing the farm animals, looking inside the koi pond, and being big boys! They definitely don't like spending too much time in their stroller any more!  (Will is in blue pants, Jack in green)
The boys wanted to walk from then on, and they had a great time exploring all over!
The boys loved the monkeys... they were swinging all over the cage and amusing us all!
We try to get them to hold hands, It's pretty cute because they can't quite figure out whose hand gets to be on top!  =)
We went into a parrot sanctuary and were surrounded by tons of little parrots!
They were beautiful!
The boys were fascinated by them...
Until one flew into Justin and Jack's face!  It startled them both!
But one got a little friendly with mom, climbing up on onto her shoulder and literally sticking it's beak in her ear!
Aaron had the touch!
Aaron has an amazing camera, and he was able to get some great pictures of the animals we saw:
This condor's wingspan was 11 feet across!!!
By far, our favorite part (that we had to spend the least amount of time at) was the Wilds of Africa side of the zoo.  The boys loved the giraffes, zebras, lions, and elephants.  
 Looking out at all the animals
The boys had fun finding and pointing out all the animals they saw =)
 Such big boys! (Sniff!)

What a fun day!!  We will definitely be going back to this zoo again and again!!

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