October 22, 2012

Our last month...

It's been almost a month between posts!  Yikes! I hate missing blogging the little details of the boys as they grow, because even though I think I'll remember them, I don't! Such a bummer, because what they say and do each day is so stinking cute!!

But here is a post full of miscellaneous pictures!  The blogging has been slacking, but not the picture taking! Enjoy!

These first few are of Mr. William and his very first time ever putting on his own pants!

Kind of blurry, but so proud of himself!
He didn't quite get the backside up...

But it was still a success!

I was so proud of my big boy!!!

Mr. Jack (AKA Superman this day) dressing up Betsy!  Isn't she the best dog?!

My favorite superheroes!!

Posing with Gigi, Boppa and the fall decor

My big boys modeling their hats while Gigi and Boppa were babysitting them... Such sweet sweet faces and big blue eyes!

And a more accurate shot of Jack's little personality ;-)

These boys LOVE to sing!!  They will sing along with just about anything, and seem to have great pitch!  They love to sing Twinkle Twinkle just about every time they see a star!  Here is Jack performing--just ignore that he didn't sing the last night! =)

One more video...here is Jack looking for the moon.  They find the moon every day, or at least spend time hunting for it!  For a long time they called it "noon", but it is seeming to be "moon" more and more lately. (Sorry it's kind of dark)

Doing "colors" at the dining room table.  They love to draw circles and all sorts of scribbles on their superhero magnadoodles!
Jack on left with his cheesy smile...

 My three kiddos checking out the front yard...

Bundled up superheroes on a cold morning

We were watching the Cowboys a few weeks ago, and it seriously took about 25 pictures to get this decent one!  They move like crazy!!

 My superboys sporting their vests... is there a them here with all the superhero clothes?!?

Will LOVES to stand up and balance on things!

Playing on their fort out back

Smiles with Gigi before she left for California

Dancing on the coffee table--so much fun when Mommy let's us do it!

A few Will-isms & Jack-isms before I forget them...
  • Jack is my cuddle-bug, and more showy affectionate one (at the moment!).  He loves to hug, give and blow kisses, and cuddle. Anytime he gets an 'owie', he'll ask for kisses!  And once I've given them, he says, "all better!"  Also, he says "I la loo" for I love you!
  • Will is our dominant one, and at times is a bit rough and pushes his brother down or away from what he is trying to play with.  But, he is very good at saying "I'm sorry" and will say to his brother whenever he is crying, "Don't cry, Brubber!" Sadly, a lot of times his brother is crying though because of Will doing something to make him cry!
  • They love stacking--megablocks, small wooden blocks, the large cardboard rectangle blocks, food, and anything else that will stack.  But their favorite part is the knocking down of a tall tower!  Much to Daddy, Pappaw and Boppa's frustration when they are trying to build the boys a big tower!
  • They love to count...especially Will.  Here is how he counts "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, eighteen...eighteen, two, three... and so on. So cute!  And most of the the letters sound just right, except for 4... it sounds more like "furr".  =)
  • The love their blankets! Jack calls it a "ganky" and Will a "ganket".  Will pretty much has to have it every time he goes to sleep, but Jack is a little bit more flexible.
  • Jack has become a much better eater lately (and probably weighs close to 2lbs more) but Will is still pretty picky!  He really likes to say no before he tries just about anything. Sometimes it makes mommy a little bit frustrated! =(
  • They both frequently speak in 2-3 word phrases, but Jack does it a lot more.  Some phrases I hear quite frequently now are, "More (grapes, milk, goldfish,etc) Mommy", "_______, are you?", "where go?", "Peese Mommy" (this one is pretty much their version of please, and will say "peese Mommy" to anyone!), "Help-loo" for "Help me"(too many times I've asked, "Do you want me to help you?" so they think that is the phrase they should use!) I know there are more that I'm not thinking of right now, but I'll add more as I think of them. =)

Oh my gosh, I love these boys!!  We have been to the pumpkin patch and the State Fair of Texas, and had tons of fun with both sets of grandparents, so stay tuned for more blogs with cute pictures to come soon!


Jodi said...

Ohhhh my lands I didn't think they could get any cuter and here they are! sooo cute!!!

Jenny Brannan said...

Such cuties! I love those boys and their mommy! :)