September 6, 2012

Tulsa Fun!

This post has taken me WAY too long to get posted!!  But there were so many fun memories from the first weekend of August with Mammaw, Pappaw, Joy, Ryan and Ryley, that I had to get it up on our family blog!  Better late than never! =) 
(I feel like I'm repeating that to myself a lot lately about blogging, instead of feeling guilty!)

Jack was comfy watching his video on the way up!

Fun chatting with Mammaw!

The boys LOVE their Aunt Joy and cousin Ryley!

Playing with their phones...these boys LOVE technology!

Ryley and Jack--she is such a great cousin and was a HUGE help to me!

We had fun at the aquarium!

Watching all the bright fish

Big boys having fun!

Will and Ryley--of course with technology!

Ryley and the boys playing in the mickey mouse tent Mammaw and Pappaw got them!

Ryan (AKA Guapo to the boys!) and Will (and the phone of course!)

Watching for Daddy
We went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate the boys' birthday and Ryley's.  It was fun watching everyone enjoy their presents, as well as get to play in the arcade area!  The boys had never been any place like this before, and they were in awe!!
The boys' new Superhero Magna-Doodles.

They LOVE them!!!

We got Ryley a sewing machine!!  She is going to create some great things!

Dancing with Ryley and Daddy


Family pic... with boys in motion!
More playing and having fun at Mammaw and Pappaw's!

We also went to the mall to ride the carousel--another first for the boys!
We had to ride this escalator twice!  It was a hit!  
Daddy & Jack

Mommy & Will
We stopped at Build-a-Bear after the carousel and all the kids made a special bear!!
L.O.V.E. this picture!!!
The boys enjoying their bears!!  (When we got home, we dressed the bears in 
(When we got home, we dressed the bears in the basketball costumes we bought for the boys' first Halloween in the NICU!  So strange to see them on the bears!)
The decked out bears...
Remember these little guys?! I can hardly remember them so small!

We also spend a wonderful evening at our friends Shari & Mark's home.  They have a heavenly pool that we love to enjoy when we're in Tulsa, and they made us all the yummiest dinner!  Such wonderful people!!

After swim cuddles =)
Shari is also an amazing photographer, and graciously offered to take pictures of the family since we were all together!!  Here are a couple informal shots, and I know the ones she took are going to be amazing!!

These boys LOVE their cousin!!

This boy (W) is a phone-a-holic!!!

Mammaw, Ryley and the boys looking at their beautiful pond!

I just can't believe they are all so big!
What an amazing young lady Ryley is becoming!  I just love her!
Thanks, Ryley, for all your help when we were together!

And the ride home... they were out before we were even 5 minutes away!!

Thanks, Gene & Kathy, for such a wonderful weekend together!  Thank you, Moores, for driving all the way--it made this weekend so special to share it with all of you!!

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Kendra said...

Wow! A ton of firsts!!! Looks like it was such a fun trip =). This post reminds me we need to go ride a carousel and go to build-a-bear!