September 10, 2012

The men in my life...

I love the men in my life!  My first man (my Daddy!), my main man, and my little men!

First of all, my Daddy... we are so lucky to have our own Mr. Fix it living just moments away! He is always so willing to come over and do anything we need him to for us.  He has just about anything you could EVER need in his magic garage-it's amazing! And one of the most incredible gifts he gives to us every week...he mows our lawn!!

What a gift it is to our family--it means the boys and I get more time with Justin when he isn't working! Thank you so much, Daddy!  I love you!

And my little men... these guys are just getting so big! One of the many amazing presents they got for their birthday was a t-ball set.  This weekend we attempted it... and let's say they didn't quite grasp the point of it. =)

So we went to Walmart to get a second bat, but all we could find was another whole t-ball set. There are just some things that work better with two of!  Taking turns isn't one of their strong suits at the moment! =) Surprise surprise for 2-year-olds!
They are much happier taking turns when they each have their own bat and ball! =)

And my main man... oh how I love him!!  He works so hard for our family, and still makes time to come home and play with the boys.  I just love seeing my boys together--it melts my heart every time!  And today, he came home with a birthday present for me--14 days early! He asked me to go out and get him a soda out of the fridge, and this was out there...
My first new bike since I was in jr. high!!
I've been wanting a new bike for a long time, and now the weather is 'trying' to cool down, we've been talking about going on family bike rides. I told him that I wanted one with a basket, and what a man!! He brought me the cutest bike ever, AND it is purple!  My favorite color!  Great job, you sweet man! I love you! Can't wait for many many family bike rides together!
We rode over to my parents house to show off my new bike!

I am one lucky lady to have such amazing, thoughtful and loving men in my life! Just wanted to make sure you guys know how much I love you!!

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Joy said...

What I think is funny is that he asked you to go get a soda out of the fridge for him and you actually did it. What a loving wife you are, Alyson! Haha! :-) Enjoy your wonderful gift! I love it!