September 23, 2012

Pre-birthday celebration!

I don't ever think I've had as much pre-birthday celebrating as I've had this year!  Up until a few days ago, my mindset was that 31 was kind of a no-biggie birthday, but boy has my hubby and family made this a special start to the year!  And there is still fun to come on my actual birthday tomorrow! 

Justin took our little family out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning, since my Monday birthday makes it a little hard to do with his work schedule.  As we were driving there, he makes a turn off on the frontage road, and turns into a random parking lot, turns a huge u-turn and parks facing a billboard. He said, "Hang on a sec." I had no clue what he had up his sleeve, but literally within 10 seconds, this popped up on a huge BILLBOARD!!!

I think I about hyperventilated with all the giggling and times I said 'Oh my gosh'! For real!  

I was so shocked and surprised at this gift!  My husband is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!  I have absolutely no clue how he comes up with these amazing gifts he gives me!  I mean, seriously, who gets a birthday card the size of a house??!? What a lucky lucky lady I am to be married to this wonderful man!

My favorite "three boys" in the whole wide world.  Aren't they cute all dressed up for the Bronco game?

 We came back later in the day with my parents to show off my billboard!  =) And to get a few pictures all together.  I'm still in awe that this actually happened!
The boys finally saw themselves on the board!  It was so cute!  And then they kept saying Mommy and pointing to me!

A hug with my fabulous hubby!

And our family picture with the billboard!

If that wasn't enough, my mom cooked us a scrumptious dinner and even made a carrot cake from scratch for dessert! Y.U.M.!!!!  We celebrated with them tonight, because tomorrow, Justin and I are getting a date night while they watch the boys! I'm super excited!!

And if all THAT wasn't enough (along with my bike he gave me last week--see THIS post), I upgraded my phone this weekend!  I was due for one, and after a LOT of research, review, youtube comparison videos, and chats with my tech-guy (my brother Aaron!), I have said goodbye to my iphone!  GASP!!!  But I absolutely am loving my Samsung Galaxy s3!  It will take a bit of getting used to, but I was ready for a change!  A blog about my reasons will be coming soon!

And this is what my boys did while I was in the store getting it all switched out--watching Elmo! =)  Too cute!

What a birthday!!!

***One little request to those who text me or call me from an iPhone***
Please go into my contact on your phone and next to my phone number, change they type of phone from "iphone" to "mobile".  I will not be able to receive any texts from your phone if mine is listed as iphone (your phone is trying to send an imessage to mine, but my android will not receive them). It took us awhile today to figure out why I couldn't get texts from Justin's phone, so I want to make sure I don't miss anyone else's texts!  Thanks!!


Joy said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday so far!!!! We love you! You deserve the perfect birthday, and I think Justin likes spoiling you. :-) Happy birthday!

316teamREALTY said...

Okay. Now guy can beat that. I can feel your happiness, joy and excitement through your writing....

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!!! How fun!!!!! What a guy! What a gal! What a family!!!! LOVE Y'all!!!

Michelle Harmon said...

That is the sweetest!!