September 16, 2012

Plan B Week

This past week was completely not what we expected it to be! We were planning on heading to Tulsa Thursday night for the weekend and an awesome marriage seminar we had planned on going to at our alma mater, but then 3 of 4 of us got sick... Will first last weekend, then Jack, and then Mommy wiped out last. So sad to say, we stayed home this weekend (SO sorry Mammaw and Pappaw!!) =(  Thank goodness Daddy stayed healthy! And I'm just so grateful for my parents who were willing to drop everything and come take care of the boys for 8 straight hours so I could stay in bed all day--feeling worse than I had in a long time!  They were my HEROES this week!!!

So here are a conglomeration of pictures from my phone from the last week-and-a half or so--the randomness that has been our life this week!

Since the boys love unrolling toilet paper now, I keep it off the wall hanger in our hall bathroom... so when Jack found a roll of paper towels under the sink, he thought he was helping by refilling it!  Ha!  He was SO proud of himself!!

A little workout time at Boppa and Gigi's house!

They walk in the door, climb on and say "walk!". They love the treadmill!!

This pic was actually from our first MOPS meeting 2 weeks ago--the boys' very FIRST art project!!  I now know why parents have a hard time throwing anything away!! ;-)

Will LOVES Betsy!  And wherever she is laying trying to rest, he crawls up to her, saying "night night" and then gets into her face to say hello! It's super cute! And he gets lots of 'kisses'!!

The boys still L.O.V.E. ducks! And anytime we're near water, they are scouring the water for them! 

Out on a walk with Daddy while Mommy was sick! Can you tell who  is who??

And Jack's new look... Playing his trumpet (he's finally figured out how to blow into it!) with Mr. Potato Head classes! Ha!

So that is your glance into our random past week!  We are finally all 100% better and ready to have a great week!  We hope you do too!

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Cristina said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! :)
Miss you friend!