September 9, 2012

Fall Please!!

Can you tell by my new blog look that I am SOOOO ready for fall to be here?!?

We have had a beautiful cool front come through the area the last few days, and I have been in heaven!  Our windows have been open for 24+ hours now, and the fresh cool breezes blowing through our home have been so welcome and enjoyed!  I know that it is wishful thinking, living in Texas, to actually think fall might be here. Especially since the temperatures are forecasted to be back into the mid-90s this afternoon and for the next few days, but, 90s are so much better than 105+ days, day after day after day!!

I'm ready to actually not be a hot, sweating mess everywhere I go! Chasing around two 2-year-old boys in this ridiculous heat, not being able to go outside and play for more than 5 minutes, and running our a/c 24 hours a day can just go away! Come on Fall!!


Hope you've been able to make it though my super-long last few blogs!  Other than the boys' 2 year old blog coming after their appointment on Monday, I think I just might be caught up!  Hallelujah!

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