September 8, 2012

California Trip--part 1

My mom and I took the boys out to California to visit family in late August--sneaking in one last plane ride before they turn two and aren't free to fly anymore!  It was an absolutely wonderful trip, but I have to say, almost 2 year olds are NOT lap babies!!  I think I got the squirmy, wide-awake one every single leg of our flights out and back, but the memories we made made it all worth it!

Between my mom and my cameras, we had over 500 pictures!  Sheesh!  I'm definitely not going to post them all, but I think I'll break this blog up so it isn't ridiculously long!

We were only gone for 6 days, but we packed so much into the trip, that it really felt like we were gone for 2 weeks!  We flew into Oakland on Wednesday night, spent the night at my Aunt Sharon's house, then were off to Fresno, where I grew up, early the next morning.

Our first stop after renting our car was to stop and see Gram.  She is 92 and doing amazingly well!  We took her out for a walk around the grounds where she lives, and it was the cutest thing ever!  The boys both wanted to hold her hand as mom pushed her!
Four generations together--count me even though I'm behind the camera =)

Gram telling the boys a story...I think they heard about 1.2 seconds of it before they were on to the next thing! 

A little break in the shade... the weather was so cool--low 80s with no humidity!
We were in heaven!

Jack found a flower
The next morning, we got up bright and early to drive about 3 1/2 hours south to Fresno, where I grew up.  Our first stop was at the house of one of my best friends, Jenny.  She and her husband Jeff have identical twin boys 4 months younger than ours!  The last time the boys were all together was when they were 9 months and 5 months--teeny babies, so we were really looking forward to seeing them together as big boys!
Ethan & Sam showing off their cool chairs to the boys
Dance Party!!  It was just a bit crazy at their house for the few hours we were there!!
Playtime!!!  None of the boys knew quite what to do with the other set. W & J were more interested in checking out all the new toys, and E & S did a lot of staring at them, not sure why these big boys were going crazy with their toys! It was super cute!

Attempting a pic with all four boys chilling... mine wouldn't sit still!

Jenny and I with our matching babies!
Will was done with pictures by this time, but I wanted just one more.
I know neither of us would ever have imagined when we met at 11 years old that we both would have identical twin boys!! God is so good!
We stopped by my mom's friend Janice's house after lunch so we could chat and the boys could take a nap, and I got about half hour in their gorgeous pool, alone and relaxing!  Heaven!!! I think this might have been one of only a few minutes that was actually somewhat like a vacation to me! Ha!
We stayed at Dave & Debbie's house, who had been our neighbors all of the years of my growing up.  They have a beautiful home that they so graciously open up to us when we come to town.  We had a great time getting the boys together with Addysen & Scarlett, their precious granddaughters!
One with almost everyone looking: Jack, Addysen, Grandpa Dave, Scarlett, and Will

Miss Addy always had a cute pose, even when the little kids were  busy playing with the ceramic ducks!
They boys and Addy went exploring the side yards too...
And sweet Addy was determined to try to hold both of their hands! It was precious!
Sean, Addy's Daddy, was one of my best friends growing up.  It is so much fun now to get together with our spouses and kids!!
They loved Mr. Potato Head's glasses! (W)

Jack did too!

Grandma Debbie found ways to entertain our busy boys too!
After staying overnight, and visiting two more special friends, Micha and Hallie, that for some reason I didn't take pictures of, we were on our way back north to the bay area.  We fit in a lot of wonderful people in Fresno in just about 24 hours!

The boys were OUT within 5 minutes of us leaving our last stop, and slept for 2 straight hours!
We spent the next few days with my cousin and her family in Concord.  They live in a home that backs up to this huge nature preserve that is just hills and hill of open space.  I was sitting early the morning after we got there and watched the sun rise over the golden California hills--just beautiful!

The boys loved their play area, especially the wood chips!
My cousin Hannah graciously shared her birthday with her three little cousins.  The boys' cousin Inaya turns two in the middle of September, so we all had fun celebrating birthdays of the four cousins!  Lynnea planned a great Mickey and Minnie party for the kids, which the boys just loved!
Fun in the bounce house!  They are finally big enough to play in one!

Inaya, Jack, & Will

More family: Mom, Senna, Aunt Sallie, and Cica
The gathering! Thanks so much Lynnea and Kumar for opening your home and including the boys in the birthday party!
Hanging outside waiting for lunch
Eating like big boys with Unca
Will going for a ride on Joseph's shoulders!

It's hard work being birthday boys--they needed to cuddle with Unca!

Too cool

Grammie was even able to make the party!  And the boys just love Grammie!  Believe it or not, my crazy-busy 2-year-olds sat still on her lap for about 15 minutes!  They rode around and around in the wheelchair, and we were able to get some priceless and precious pictures!!
Absolutely precious!
Smiles with Grammie! There was a great crowd of really silly people behind the camera!  Success!!
Just one of the many amazing presents the boys were blessed with!  My cousin Annie and her family got the boys this doll.  It is a funny story, because Justin was not too thrilled with the boys having a doll... but this doll actually goes pee-pee, and I'm thrilled that it will be a teaching tool for when the boys start potty training!  The deal with Daddy is that it doesn't stay out to be played with, only used for "training", and Gigi even said she'd make it a cool superman outfit! Ha!
The boys are just intrigued with it and call it "Baby".  I don't think there is anything wrong with little boys learning how to be gentle!  =)

A rare shot of the boys sitting still on Mommy's lap

Jack cuddling with Gigi

The boys are SUPER picky eaters right now, especially William.  He says no to just about everything, but my cousin Hannah was a pro at getting him to eat!!
Us with Grace and Hannah

What a fabulous first few days of our California trip!!

Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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