September 7, 2012

A Mickey Party!!

Last Saturday we celebrated the boys 2nd birthdays with a really fun Mickey Mouse birthday party! I honestly had so much fun planning, making the decorations, and going all out for my sweet 2 year olds!! We had about 50 people at our house, around half children!  Needless to say, it was a bit crazy for a bit, but it was honestly so fun! The boys loved all the people, and they were in awe of everyone in their house! I'm so thankful to our wonderful friends and family who came to spend the morning celebrating with us, and blessing our boys with some really fun big boy gifts!! Thank you all!

The boys' first view of the downstairs that I decorated before they got up...
Balloons and Mickey everywhere! =)
A quick family picture before the party
We had red, black, yellow and white as the colors, with a scattering of Mickey all over.  I thought it looked great, but it kind of had a look of Mickey Mouse exploding all over our house! ;-)

We put up our beach tent over the backyard toys to try to keep them cool enough for the kids to play on

And the food was fun!  I made the cupcake toppers...
And gave all the food fun Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character names...Thank you Pinterest!!!
Donald's Cheese & "Quackers"

"Goofy's Gooey Gummies"

Clarabelle's Cheesepuffs

Daisy's Delicious Veggies

Minnie's Fruit Kabobs
And somehow I didn't end up with pictures of Mickey's Chicken Dunkers (Mickey shaped chicken nuggets) and Pluto's Hot Diggity Dogs (Mini corndogs).  I think the food was a hit--super kid friendly, and things the boys would eat since in their really picky phase!

With Gigi & Boppa

Mammaw & Pappaw
And some shots of our wonderful friends that came!

Our neighbors Shea and Toni

My sweet friend Michelle who made the boys' adorable birthday shirts!
Thanks so much, Michelle!!

Attempting to open presents in the chaos! =)

Our friends Julie and Lance with their precious Ainsley!
With Ainsley's Grandma Connie

Loving all their presents!

Wanting so badly to give Ainsley a kiss!


The kids all loved our upstairs playroom!

The boys loved seeing "Mou-Mou" all over!!
We still have some of the decor up too!

And the cupcakes... yummy and messy!

The boys playing on the stairs with their little neighborhood friend Jenna

Once the house cleared out after the party, the boys explored all the stuff they didn't see before! 
A birthday Facetime with Joy, Ryley and Guapo!

Don't they just look so big?!  Just can't believe that they are 2 years old!!
What a fabulous day celebrating our big boys!!  
Happy Birthday Will & Jack!!

(I'm waiting to do their 2 year update blog until after their appointment next week--stay tuned for an update on all the amazing things they are doing now!)


Jodi said...

Wow! Can't believe they are already 2! What a fun party!!!

Jenny Brannan said...

Looks like fun! The decorations and food are fabulous. Love you all!

Janet said...

Oh what a lovely party! Two such precious little boys! Love the party menu - perfect for little people!