September 13, 2012

2 lbs to 2 years!

In what seems like the blink of an eye, our little guys have gone from 2 lbs to 2 years old!!

 Jack and Mommy...

Will & Mommy

What an amazing, incredible, stretching, fun-filled, and miraculous journey it has been!

Our boys are two years old (and a few days =), and each day with them has been a gift! I feel like I say it all the time, but these last few months have brought HUGE changes in our big boys! Now that they have turned 2, they no longer have their age adjusted from being preemies!  They have caught up in all ways! Preemie days are just a distant memory!

Jack--Weight: 27.6 lbs (with clothes) 44%ile
          Height: 34.75 in 58%ile
          Head circ: 20 in 93%ile
Will--Weight: 26.8 lbs (with clothes) 34%ile
         Height: 34 in 37%ile
         Head circ: 20 in 93%ile

Size 5 diapers
Size 6 shoes
18 month clothes, some 24 month shirts for length, but they are just too skinny still for 24 month pants!

Food right now is hit or miss... they are SUPER picky eaters at the moment!  A few of the things that they are still happy (most of the time) to eat are cheese, grapes, peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Pirate Booty (a cheesy puffed rice snack), turkey hot dogs, cookies, milk, juice, and water.  Everyone I talk to  says that this is the age of this, but it will pass! They are not much for any kind of meat, and old favorites like grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, or raviolis are not too popular right now. I'm looking forward to the day my boys want to eat again...but I'm sure then I'll feel like we're spending a fortune on food! Oh well! They are still eating in their high chairs, but love sitting in their booster seats at tables, or even just on regular chairs.

Having a snack time at the dining room table with our friends who came to play!

Holy cow... these boys are doing all sorts of stuff now!!  They are BUSY!! But honestly, it is so much fun watching them explore their world, and be able to be coordinated enough to do it without me having to be too worried!

-They love playing with other kids!  We have little playdates with friends, go to parks in the neighborhood, and when the weather is cool enough, we do lots of rides around in their wagon!  They love to watch for and feed ducks!
Our friends Gideon and Edgell
 -The week after their birthday, in the span of just a few days, they have mastered going up and DOWN the stairs all by themselves! It made us nervous for a few days as they were figuring it out, but now they are pretty good at it!

-They are all about doing things for themselves--eating, climbing up on things, etc, and they love having their snacks in our big chairs! Even with this 'doing it on their own', they are both very polite, saying please and thank you all the time! 

-They LOVE music, singing, and anything that has rhythm that they can dance to!  They sing all the time--some of their favorites are ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus, and Jesus Loves Me. They even have motions that go along with some of them! We have started accumulating some great musical instrument toys, and they are always playing them!  They love maracas, or "shakes" as we call them, they xylophone, drum, cymbals, and the piano.

-They also LOVE books, letters, and anything that has letters on them!  They say/sing their ABCs, and can identify correctly about 75% of the letters!  It absolutely shocked me when they'd start pointing to letters or picking up ones around the house, and getting them right!  They are such smart boys!
Reading with Mammaw

They adore these little books, and look at them all the time!
They found the Graco label on the crib, and sat there saying and pointing to the letters for quite a while!

-Oh, technology, how they ADORE you!! Iphones, Ipads, computers, even the TV... anything that they can tap, play on, make beep, is an absolute favorite of theirs.  They love to facetime with family, and they love to play games on our phones.  And they are really good at it too!  They know how to unlock the phone, swipe the page, tap on their game, and play it!  Especially William--he's our technology pro!
Facetiming with Joy, Ryley and Ryan
-The boys love "night-nights", AKA beds.  Whenever we let them, they love to climb up on our bed and play or watch cartoons.  When Gene & Kathy were here for their birthday, they spent time playing up on their bed too!

-They love climbing in things, especially any kind of box I've gotten to organize their toys.  Sadly, because they've gotten so big, they've also broken a lot of these boxes!

-The boys' personalities are definitely blossoming!  They are silly, caring, compassionate, creative, and they love to give each other hugs! Most of the time, these hugs end up turning into tackles, but it sure is adorable! They truly adore each other, and are always in tune with where brother is at all times!
They love their Mr. Potato Head glasses

Not always the best at sharing, but for the most part, they play well!

It's hard to even list all the words that they are saying now.  They are chatter boxes!! The differences in their personalities even show through in what they say...

Will is really good at repeating anything you ask him to.  He will try just about any word, and in the last few months, his 'l's have really improved. He used to call himself "Ee-yum" for William and "whoa" for Will.  Lately, he says "Willlllyum", and it is super cute! He has also started saying things in a really nasally voice too, which is just out of the blue and cracks us up! And it is mostly when he says his brother's name! Imagine say "Nacknun" with your nose pinched...that's what it sounds like!  Ha!

Jack isn't as willing to repeat words or phrases as Will on command, but he is the kind of repeating random entire phrases that I say.  The other day I gave him his snack and said, "there you go, Baby, " and he repeated that whole phrase right back to me!  And he does things like this all the time!  He also was the first to ask me for something using a whole phrase.  Up until now, they'll both say "Please Mommy" or "Thank you", but just the other day, I asked the boys if they wanted a bar (cereal bar), and Jack said, "Please Mommy bar"... a whole thought with a please!  And when I gave it to him, he said, "thank you!" Just amazes me!

They boys say "trade" a lot.  Trading whatever they have in their hands, a toy, their cup, etc, is their favorite thing to do.  This doesn't help with keeping germs separate, but I think their philosophy is that whatever brother had is definitely better than what they have! =)

It is the delight of our lives to get to be these boys' parents each and every day.  The last 6 months have brought about so many changes in our boys, and they are definitely little boys now. We are amazed and in awe of what they do on a daily basis, and we are just so blessed to have such healthy and happy boys! 

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Oh, we just love them so much!!!!! I can't believe what big boys they are getting to be!