August 29, 2012

Cute Boy Pics...

I'm really struggling to get our vacation (Tulsa and California) blogs finished...but I'm determined to get  them posted at some point!  This is our family album after all!  So continue to stay tuned for them!
But... these boys are just too cute not to share pics of them in their daily cuteness!!  

Daddy and the brothers playing in hats!
The boys love getting to lay on Mommy and Daddy's "night-night" (bed).
 Every so often we go in and watch Mickey Mouse on our TV! 

But most times they are too busy exploring to watch for long!

Wearing our new big boy hats to play outside

Time for a drink! Aren't they adorable?!  They have such big heads, we had to buy 3T/4T hats!
They LOVE their Daddy!

Ever since we got home from CA, the boys have been so much chattier! They talk all day long, and they are doing a lot more with real words!  It's just incredible how big they are seeming to us lately!!

And they love the microphones (Thanks Unca and Sara!)


 Where's Daddy?
Did you notice Jack's hand in the video when he says "I don't know"?  He does this a lot now, and it is the cutest thing ever!

"Maybe we can see him under the door!"

Happy boys and a happy mommy!

Jack loves playing with the animals--
he makes their sounds and says what they are as he plays.  So cute!

If you're my FB friend, you've seen these already, but I thought I'd post them here too!
A very delicious and messy dinner!

Last but not least... my bummer injury. As I was heating my lunch on Monday, I accidentally knocked the hot bowl on the counter as I took it out of the microwave.  The bowl cracked into three big pieces, and one went straight into my hand.  I knew immediately that even though it wasn't a wide gash, it was pretty deep and I was going to need stitches.  Thankfully the boys were sound asleep and my hand didn't really bleed too much.  I waited just a few minutes for my heros to arrive (my parents from a mile away), and within the hour I was back, stitched up, and I really haven't been in much pain at all!  I get the stitches out on Tuesday, and luckily it is in a place on my left hand that still allows me to do what I need to do!

The boys' 2nd birthday is Saturday--I just can't believe it!  Looking forward to a great day!!  

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