August 20, 2012

Celebrating Jonathan

Oh bummer...another big gap between blogging.  So sorry!  
I'm working on some fun catch up blogs to come soon!  We've been busy travelers!! =)


My last blog was somewhat tough with missing my boy, but his actual birthday was just a wonderful day!  Justin, Mom, Dad, the boys and I headed out early to the cemetery to beat the heat, and we had a little celebration!  Mom and I redid his flowers, added some fun decorations, sang a few songs, and released our traditional balloon with notes to Jonathan up to heaven!  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for celebrating with us.  Thanks to all who remember him with us!  
The big boys bringing the little boys

Keeping them busy and cool while Mom and I do flowers

Presents from W & J for their big brother!

A pretty new arrangement, complete with a #4 for his birthday!

Look closely... butterflies (the boys' new favorite thing to find) for Jonathan!

Watching the balloon float up to heaven!

Our family

Hugs from my miracles!

So thankful for our Jonathan's life!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!!

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