July 27, 2012

Sweet brother

Earlier this week, they boys were on the mend from their sicknesses, but the medication was affecting their poor little digestive systems.  Without going into too much detail, Will was going too much and Jack wasn't able to go at all... poor little guys! =(  So on Tuesday, Jack was just not himself.  I could tell he was in pain because he just wanted to sit on my lap, and did for about a half-hour. This is SO not like my busy Jack to do!  After awhile, we decided (my mom was here that day) that he probably needed to walk around a bit to see if things would finally get moving...and it was heartbreaking to watch.  He just would stand there, take a step, and then stand still again, all while crying with these huge crocodile tears rolling down his face. Broke.my.heart.  But the thing that happened next is the whole reason why I'm recording this story... Will climbed off my mom's lap, and showed how concerned he was for his brother.  He went right up to him, looking him right in the face, saying, "Bruber, bruber...luv oo..." over and over again, finally leaning in to kiss him!  Be still my heart! He wanted to comfort Jack and take away his pain!  It was honestly the sweetest thing I've ever seen and my mom and I were both crying!  They have such a great relationship, always are in tune with the other one, bring each other toys and such, love to hug/tackle, talk to each other, but this was a first of true compassion and love.  What a true gift these boys are!  I thank God every single day for giving them to me!  I love my boys!!

(And just to finish up the story--all was well for Jack about 10 minutes later and he was back to his busy little self! =)

What is a post without a few pictures? Enjoy!
Helping Daddy water the plants

Watching Boppa get his mail

Front porch swing time
Happy Friday!

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Jenny Brannan said...

So sweet...I can't handle it!!! Twins melt my heart.