July 2, 2012

Monthly Pics Monday

Here I am again!  I've decided that summer has thrown off my blogging (even though summer for us doesn't really look any different than school time =), and I'm just not going to let myself stress out about blogging.  To be honest, a little voice inside my head reminds me every day that I haven't blogged for a LONG time, but for some reason, weeks pass by that I just seem to ignore that voice!  Other than special holiday blogs that I wanted to post, it has been pretty much a month since I've really updated about the boys!  Yikes!

So... here's a monthly update of what our crazy cute big boys have been up to in the month of June! And I promise that I will do my best not to add too many descriptions that will make this long picture blog even longer! For the most part, the pictures speak for themselves!!


Fun with Technology
Our boys continue to LOVE anything related to our phones!  They also have tons of fun facetiming with family all over the country!

We are able to spend a lot more time at parks these days when its not too hot...especially if there are two adults!  These boys are busy and all over the place!

...and the wrestling has begun too! =)

The boys are SUPER into letters!  They love to "say" their ABCs, and are constantly saying "letter" and randomly chattering any letters that comes to mind! They now will repeat the ABCs after us also.
Our new magnet ABCs that stayed neat on the fridge for all of 2.2 seconds.  
I now find them all over the kitchen floor!

This month has brought the boys a lot of new freedom in our house! And they LOVE it!!  Other than the gates blocking the top and bottom of our stairs, our house is baby gate free!  We still have some babyproofers on key items (Dadddy's office door, the oven, dishwasher, and tape that holds the laundry room pocket door closed).

Finally allowed on the couch, since 95% of the time, they obey and sit like big boys!

Auntie Kristen sent the boys, Betsy and me a HUGE box of goodies, and they boys absolutely love their gifts!  Thanks so much, Kristen!

 Cute big boy shirts too!

New Things
We are doing many new things with the boys--bigger carts, playing at the playplace at fast food restaurants, and using our new art easel!

I got this easel for free in our neighborhood and the boys LOVE it! 

 It gets walked all around the kitchen!

Gigi's Birthday
The boys delivered balloons and breakfast to Gigi first thing on her birthday!  I think she liked her delivery boys!

Father's Day
Justin's parents came down for Father's Day weekend and we had a great time!  We spent time at the lake, had some fun meals with both sets of grandparents, and just did our best to make all the Dads feel super special!

 Our superboys with Rough Riders (lead-on team for the Rangers) hats that 
Boppa and Gigi brought them!

 One GREAT Daddy!

Will & Jack In the Box
I'm always reminded of how the most basic things (like an empty diaper box on its way to the trash) are the most fun!  The boys spend a long time playing and pretending to go night-night in this fancy box!

Daddy bought the boys their favorite summer thing yet--a pool for our back patio!  We are literally in it every single day, and the fact that it fits on our patio in the shade lets us go in any time of day!  

It also makes a great place to do outdoor baths! (Notice the soaped up spiky hair in the pic below)
 Love those 20 precious little toes!

I promise I don't usually let my boys get THIS messy when they eat.  We were just trying to stretch the time until Daddy got home from work, so I just let them really enjoy their chocolate pudding! Usually Jack is my messiest, but this day, Will showed his true colors!


 He figured out how to balance the empty bowl on his head all by himself!!

And we went straight out to our pool when Daddy got home!! =)

 The last pic of the month--my beautiful lilies from my hubby!  For no reason at all!  I love him! =)

Hope you enjoyed our June with us!  I will really attempt to share July's events before August!!  Happy 4th of July!  We are gearing up to really enjoy it since Daddy has 2 days off and Uncle Aaron is coming to town! Yay!

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