July 20, 2012

A Fun Week

Last week was full of more fun times playing around our house, and then Mammaw and Pappaw came to visit for the weekend!

More playing in our tent--cuddling up with blankies while they watched Mickey Mouse!

Exploring Daddy's bike--Will scaled it in literally 2 seconds!

Big boy Will playing on his computer

The boys got new floaties that go around their chest and arms--they love them and LOVED floating around the pool!

Jack's first time saying "Cheese" for the camera!

Cutie pie!
Will caught emptying out the entry shelves-- he knew he was busted! ;-)

Chilling like such a big boy!
By Friday, Jack started running a fever off an on, so I thought stickers might help cheer him up.
Jack didn't seem to even notice, but Will sure had fun moving and sticking (and eating!) both of their stickers!
Mammaw and Pappaw arrived Friday night, and the boys had a great weekend playing and cuddling with them!
Cuddles with Mammaw

They sure LOVE iphones!


Fun with Pappaw

And for a couple cute videos of the Will that Pappaw captured... 

ABCs with Mammaw

Will saving the tower!

Sadly, the boys were both pretty sick by Monday--fevers and generally acting like they didn't feel well. A trip to the doctor found Jack to have a sinus infection and Will and ear infection. Poor babies...

So this week has definitely been slower-paced, filled with more tears but a lot more cuddles. I guess that's the positive about sick babies--more time on Mommy's lap than usual--something my busy almost 2 years olds don't want much of lately! I'll take it--but I'd rather have them healthy!  Please send up a prayer for a quick recovery for my boys! Thanks!

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Jenny Brannan said...

Poor guys! Hope they feel better! Love the pic of Jack with the sticker on his head. hehehe