July 7, 2012

4th of July Week

With the 4th being on a Wednesday this year, we were able to stretch out our festivities celebrating our country's independence throughout the whole week! =)

The Saturday before, our neighborhood had a "Star Spangled Splashtacular" complete with parade in the morning, a whole park full of fun all day, fun at the pool, and ending that night with a fabulous fireworks show.  Our boys were just not up for the bounce houses and pool in the heat of the day, but we did have a great time watching the neighborhood parade in the morning and seeing their first live fireworks that night!

We started the day out at the donut shop, where the boys sat in the big chairs for the first time ever!  They were so proud of themselves and really did a great job!  Gosh they are growing up so quickly! =) (sniff sniff!) 
Our best attempt at a family photo

Daddy and Jack

Mommy and Will
Then we met Gigi and Boppa to walk to the parade!  The boys were all ready to go in their flag shirts and they had fun waving their flags too!
 First glance at the fire engine coming down the street...
Watching everyone coming by--a fire engine, ambulance, cars, many decked out golf-carts and wagons, people walking.  Many threw out little goodies, candies, and we even got two shirts!
It was a small parade, but we thought it was just great!  How fun to get to live in a neighborhood where we can all come together and enjoy!
W, J, Molly, Gigi, & Boppa

The fam--notice how the boys shirts kind of matched their Daddy's =)

Even after a really good nap earlier in day, we had some tired boys for the fireworks that night.  But they actually did a great job!  They sat in their stroller for the first couple minutes, then we pulled them onto our laps for the rest of the show.  Not because they were scared, but because Mommy and Daddy wanted the cuddles!  They watched in quiet wonder the entire show, and didn't even flinch with all the loud booms!  We were very impressed--with the boys and with the great show the neighborhood put on!

On the actual 4th of July, we went up to the lake and spent the morning.  There were a ton of people with the same idea to go early, but it really didn't seem too crowded. Plus we have this 14x14 foot screened tent that we put up, and we had our own little space!  It is awesome because it keeps us in the shade, keeps the bugs out, and completely contains the boys so they are free to play!  No chasing toddlers for mom and dad!  Love it!! Somehow I didn't get a picture of my parents, but they were there too!  It is so much fun to get to go relax at the beach, especially with 4 adults to 2 toddlers!  There always gets to be a few adults resting! =)

Will sitting in a big boy chair

Digging in the sand with Daddy

Playing in their floaties

Enjoying a great morning together!

Later in the afternoon, after a good nap for the boys and a yummy lunch of brats for the adults, we went to a backyard party at one of Justin's colleague's home. There was more yummy food, and great pool, and this amazing swing that the boys LOVED!!!!  We realized how nice it is that we have 2 of most toys, because there was only one of these swings, and whoever wasn't in it was NOT happy! The swing was hung from a HUGE old tree, and went out over their lower level of the yard, about 15 feet or so below where they got into the swing.  I wasn't sure they'd like it because they have only ever been on low swings, but boy was I wrong!!

W--showing how high up he was

W loving the swing

J loving the swing too!
All in all, it has been a terrific 4th of July holiday this year! We had so much fun with the boys, with my parents, and with our friends too!  We are so grateful to live in a country with the freedoms we have. They definitely came with a price--and we are to thankful to all the soldiers who are still putting their lives on the line to keep us free here at home! You are true heroes! 

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