June 1, 2012

May Pictures

I realize that there was quite a bit of a gap between my last two blogs... I'm so sorry to my extended family and friends who check often for updates and pictures of them! To make it up to you, here are a TON of pictures of the boys in action over the last few weeks! ;-)

Double trouble! ;-)

Playing at the train park in our neighborhood

Mother's Day lunch at our favorite McKinney Chinese restaurant...
Daddy on defense

My precious boy--what a blessed Mommy I am!!!

Celebrating Gigi too!

We stopped by the cemetery on Mother's Day too--I'm always thinking about my firstborn son...especially on Mother's day!

Jack being silly with Daddy

Teamwork with the box from our new patio screen... they carried this all around the backyard!

All bibs should become capes!

Jack doing a little stretching =)

My parents have been on a wonderful trip to CA, and we took a few pics of the boys with them before they left.  Too cute!

On Mother's Day, my request was to plant some flowers in our front and back yard.  This is SO not like  me, but I'm so proud of my flowers!  They are looking pretty too!  After 2 weeks of growing, they are beautiful, but our hail (pictures below) sure gave them a beating yesterday. =(

They love riding in shopping carts with double seats!

They LOVE showing their bellybuttons!

Big boy plates--they are doing really well eating off them,
and not flipping them too often!

A diaper only ride around the backyard

Silly faces with mommy =)

Cutest little heads and feet

Daddy took the boys on a fun little run across the alley

We finally put drapes up in our living room (we've only lived here 8 months!), and the boys love to play in them!  I thought they'd try to rip them down, but they really are doing a great job!

We've been watching my parent's dog Molly, and the boys LOVE her!  They both love to play with her and lay their heads on her soft fur... it's too cute!

At a party for the MOPS group I'm going to join next year, the boys had a blast jumping and playing with all the toys!

I found a great deal on a backyard climbing toy for the boys. It is just their size and they LOVE it!

I also got this little trampoline--they have fun on it, but we're going to have to work on sharing or taking turns.
We had biting within the first minute they were on it. =(
The boys adore reading books on Daddy's lap--and I love watching it!

Two nights ago, we had a crazy storm system come through. We woke up at 3am to torrential rain accompanied by quarter-sized hail.  Thank goodness we didn't have any damage that night!

The next day, we had 2 more times of hail, along with lightening and thunder.

Sadly, a house right around the corner from us was hit by lightening and caught on fire.  It was so very sad to watch the smoke and flames pouring out of the roof. The older couple who live there lost everything, and sadly, the husband was already in the hospital, with not much longer to live.  The poor wife--please lift them up in prayer with me!

The view from our upstairs patio... there were at least 3 more fire trucks down the street.
 And the last few pics from yesterday...

Will LOVES to lay on the floor reading his books--
super cute little reader!

A zoom in of Will from a picture I texted Justin yesterday

And one of Jack too... what beautiful eyes and smiles they have!!

Did you make it? I'm impressed! That was a lot of pictures!! =)

Can't believe that my boys are 21 months old today--just three short months and they will be 2 year olds! They are just so much fun!


linda said...

I made it through all of them and they are so cute!!! I hope to see you and the boys this summer.


Alyson said...

We hope so too, Linda!! Email me when you're coming out, and we'll figure out a time to have you over!! Can't wait!

erickson family said...

such sweet pictures! :) they are getting so big! so sad about your neighbors. :(