June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy birthday to my sweet Mommy!!  

Today she is 65 years young, and I'm so excited to get to celebrate this special day with her!!  Isn't she so beautiful?

Mom-- you truly mean the world to me! I just don't know how to adequately express how much I love having you as my mom, my confidant, my good advice giver, my sons' Gigi, my hairdresser, and my travel partner, my decorator, and my very best friend.  I have always looked up to you, watched how you interact with others in such a caring way, and observed how you so deeply trust in God through the best of times and the very hardest of times.  I'm such a lucky woman to have you as my mom!  Even at 30 years old, I am constantly reminded of how much I still need and love having you in my life! 

I hope your milestone birthday today is the start of an amazing new and adventure-filled time in your life!  I look forward to the years ahead, watching you making so many wonderful memories with my boys--in your creative and fun way!  You see the beauty in life--a trait that many people are just too rushed to see--and we are lucky to get to walk alongside you and experience your view of the world! I adore you!

I love you so very much, my sweet Mommy! 
Happy Birthday!

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Jenny Brannan said...

Your mom is pretty great. :) Aren't we lucky to have moms that are our best friends? Love you Al and Joyce!! Miss you guys tons.