June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to three AMAZING men!! 

I'm such a lucky woman to have these dads in my life! And these pictures capture just how much they all get along!  What a lucky lady I am!

Gene-- Thank you for being such a wonderful Christ-like example to Justin growing up, and through today!  He has depended on your strength and ability to trust in God through any situation, and our sons are receiving the blessing of such a godly heritage through you!  I'm so happy our sons have you as a grandfather, and I know they will learn to trust God more because of your example! Happy Father's Day Pappaw!

Daddy-- You are truly the best, and I am so very thankful to have such an amazing father!  You have always been there for me, for Aaron, and now for my sons, without any thought of putting yourself first. That is truly a gift to be so selfless and full of love for your children, and I don't take it for granted at all!  Thank you for loving God, loving mom, and loving me!  I absolutely adore watching you with the boys and I know they their lives will be better and richer because of you! Happy Father's Day Boppa!

And to My Love, Justin--  You are the man I dreamed of, and now the best father I could have ever imagined for my children!  I'm so very proud to share my life with you, and I honestly can't even begin to express how full my heart is with love when I watch you being Daddy to our boys!  God blessed us so incredibly with our miracle boys, and I love seeing you every day guiding them, loving them, teaching them, and playing with them!  They adore you, and I know the future to come as they grow up is going to be so full of wonderful experiences and memories as you raise them to be strong, capable men, learning how to trust God, treat others right, and have a strong work ethic--doing all they do as if they are doing it to the Lord.  I love you Justin, more than my mere words can ever say. And I love the fact that again this year, after so many empty-armed years, I can wish you the Happiest of Father's Days!!

I love seeing you with the boys!
And you can tell that Betsy loves her Daddy too!!

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