May 31, 2012

Memorial Day

Before I share about our fun Memorial Day Weekend in Tulsa, I have to say...

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet Gram!!  She is 92 years old today!!!!  She is such an inspiration to all of us, and the best example of living a life for Jesus of anyone I know! She is beautiful on the inside and the outside!  I love you, Grammie!
Aunt Sharon, Gram, Mom

Now, on to our super fun-filled Memorial Day weekend! 

The boys had a wonderful time with their Mammaw and Pappaw, and so did we!  Justin and I actually got in two naps and a date night while we were up there!  Thanks so much, Gene and Kathy!

We went to the Oklahoma Aquarium, which is only 5 minutes from their house, and it was so much fun!  The boys seemed to be just in awe of all the fish, turtles, sharks, and everything else they have there!

W & J watching the fish

Tons of turtles!

3 Generations of Steiner men


My boys 'swimming' with the sharks! ;-)
And we found some cute lobsters in the gift shop too!

The boys had a snack sitting in the barstools!  I just can't believe how big they are getting, that they are able to do this!



Thanks Mammaw for the yummy food!

Gene and Kathy live on a pond, and the boys had fun playing on their back deck.  They played with bubbles and swam (well, they stood and played) in a little pool too!

J-green, W-blue

Jack saying colors--he had said all of them before, but this time, seemed to like yellow best!

Justin got to mow the lawn with their new riding lawnmower, and the boys needed to have their photo op on it too!  I'm sure they will want to go for a ride and help when they are older!

Jack was trying to help with his bubble mower!

We spent some time fishing too!  The first attempt, the fish were not interested at all.  But we had fun and got a few pictures.

Jack fishing with Mammaw
Sunday was Gene and Kathy's 39th anniversary, so we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate.  We had to get a picture of the boys with them after we ate--too bad the boys didn't want to smile!

Our little family with ORU in the background
Our second attempt at fishing Monday morning was a success!  Mammaw caught the one and only fish, and the boys were amazed and both touched it!  I think we'll have some little fishermen in the next few years!

Justin and I went and saw The Avengers Sunday night. We both really enjoyed it!  I have to say, Robert Downey Jr. totally makes the movie!  Thanks Gene & Kathy for watching the boys! They are busy boys! =)

What a great weekend we all had, and I'm really amazed at how much easier it is getting to travel with the boys.  Easier because we don't have as many baby supplies to bring, but definitely with some new challenges!  One nap time, while mommy and daddy were sneaking in a nap, Mammaw found the boys  getting into mischief... they both had crawled out of their pack and plays, climbed up on the bed in their room, and were standing at the top of the bed, on all the pillows, working together to take a picture off the wall.  YIKES!!!  Mammaw got a kick out of it, and sure has a great grandma story to tell of these crazy boys! ;-)

Thanks, Gene and Kathy, for a wonderful time together!

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Joy said...

Looks like a fun weekend!!! Can't wait to see you all in August!!!! Much love!