May 2, 2012

20 Months Old!

Yesterday the boys hit the 20 month old mark!  I just can't believe that in just four short months, my babies will be 2 years old!  Wow--that just shocks me that we are already this close to that day!

But, right now, they are 20 months and they truly seem to be having so much fun in life!  They are ALL boy and seem to happy to always have scratches and bruises up and down their little legs!



-They haven't grown too much since their last appointment at 18 months... still both near 25 pounds, about 33-34 inches tall, and still wearing 12-18 month clothes.  They are tall and skinny boys, without an ounce of chub on them anywhere!

-They are still pretty good sleepers. They get up around 7:30-8, take one 2-3 hour nap in the day (either from 10:30-1 or if we are out and about in the morning from 12:30-3) and head to bed about 7.  But we are thinking that it is time to move bedtime back a bit later.  The last week or so, we have had two little boys playing in their cribs for about an hour (and thankfully not climbing out again since we moved their cribs), so we are going to try to have more family time/walks/playtime before an 8pm bedtime.  We'll see how it goes!

-They eat all table foods, but the one baby food that they will still eat is level 2 peas, green beans and mixed vegetables.  Strange, since I think those are the yuckiest ones, but at least it helps us to get green veggies into their tummies with they are being picky with the grown up versions!  They definitely know what they want, and we go through phases of shaking their heads and saying no-no to what they don't want.  Sometimes it's super frustrating to me because I want to make sure they're eating enough, but they know what they want to eat! They drink a lot of juice and milk, and they love to try to drink "da-der" (water) out of big cups!  They get so excited when I'll put a few drops of water from the fridge dispenser into plastic cups to let them drink! And they LOVE getting to have sips out our our drinks!

-Since Daddy finished the backyard patio, we spend A LOT of time outside!  They love to climb all over the patio space, play with their water table, sit and play in the grass, try to blow bubbles, and try to pick the flowers! Whenever they see their shoes, they think it's time to go outside! It is so much fun!

-They are getting really good at going up the stairs on their own, with mommy just guarding from behind!  And in the last few days, we have been practicing scooting down on their bottoms too.  They think it is hilarious, and now don't want to climb all the way up, but instead go up a few steps and come back down =).  It takes us a LONG time to get upstairs, but they sure love it! And I'm loving not having to always carry them up and down!

-These boys are into EVERYTHING!!!!!  They love to sneak into the kitchen and open the dishwasher.  I'm not sure how they do it so quietly, but I guess they know they are not supposed to be in it, so they know to sneak!  (I've taken to taping it shut with packing tape during the day to keep them from pulling out silverware or sitting on the open door--you do what you have to do!=) The laundry room pocket door gets taped shut during the day too (the store-bought safety latch has broken twice!) to prevent little fingers being smashed as it slides open. They love to climb on the coffee tables, chairs, stools and anything else they can get their little legs up on!

-They love to pet the dogs.  Our Betsy still won't let them come too close, but they have been able to pet her nicely a few times. My parent's dog Molly loves the boys to come up and pet her, cuddle on her soft fur, and really get right into her face.  We tell the boys "gentle, gentle" and they do a great job!  Now Will says "gentle" as he pets the dogs--too cute!  Even though both dogs have been great with them, we know they are still dogs and the boys are boys, so we always watch the interactions pretty closely!

-They chatter ALL THE TIME!  They are super mimics, so we continue to hear a lot of real words, but they also have a language all their own! They are super intent on what they are saying too, sometimes grabbing my face to look straight at them while they talk to me!  The phrase we hear a lot right is "ga-dah-ga-dah" kind of in a sing-songy way and it definitely means something to them! Their Daddy "talks" back to them in their language, and they seem to understand him!  You should hear the conversations they have! =)

-They still love Superheros!  For the last few weeks, I've been tying their blankets around their necks as "capes" and they have so much fun! So last week Daddy brought home their very first real capes.  And the boys are in love!  They love running around the house with them on, saying "man-man"!

My supers guarding the front door!

-They are getting so friendly with people other than family--especially Will!  His new thing is to wave and say hi to EVERYONE, and they both are getting better at saying bye, waving, or blowing kisses!  It is just the cutest thing to watch them, and to see them do it on cue!

Our boys are just so much fun, and getting even more so each day!  I love to listen to them chatter, hear them saying "Maaaa-maaa" through the monitor, and watch them getting so excited when they see their daddy after work. I never knew that being a mom would be this much fun!

Happy 20 months, Will & Jack!! We love you so much!

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Joy said...

Oh, we love Will and Jack so much! How funny that they say "Man-Man" for SuperMan. I remember Justin's first SuperMan cape; he was very disapponted that it didn't help him fly. :-)