April 30, 2012


To finish up our weekend of family fun, we joined our friends Jason and Ginny, along with their adorable boys Trent and Tate, at a fun wildlife ranch called Sharkarosa! No, it didn't have any sharks =), but it, like our lake visit on Saturday, was only about 20 minutes from our house!  Who knew that there were so many fun things to do out here...far away from the city! 

Will thought the parrots were cool...Jack wasn't too interested!
The guys...

The baby camels thought the boys' toes were tasty!

The last half of our time there brought freedom from the stroller--which they LOVED!

We had some barrel ride fun--a very comfy barrel ride too!  It was much better than the one we did at the pumpkin patch last fall... this one had padded seats and backrests! Fancy!!

And we also got to ride on a train/tram ride through the ranch area.  We didn't really see that much variety of wildlife, but it was fun because the animals came right up next to us to get food and we could pet them and take pictures!

Wild Think... the Zebra/Horse

Not sure of this one's name, but he was a Zebra/Donkey

The boys loved wearing Mommy's sunglasses!

One of many camel friends that came for a close-up!

The cute Cherry boys enjoying a stop on the ride... check out their
camel friend listening in on their conversation! =)

Jack getting tired

Bye! Come back soon!

What a fun day with friends!

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