April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Today we celebrate Christ's resurrection...what a wonderful gift of eternal life He gave us all!  He is risen!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our big boys, as well as both of our sets of parents.  Mammaw and Pappaw came down to enjoy Easter with the boys, and we had a great time!  My mom got sick last night, so today for Easter we moved to 'Plan B'. Originally my mom and I were cooking our meal together, and we were going to have an easter egg hunt in the backyard.  But, since Gigi was sick and we had tons of rain, we went out to eat at Red Lobster, did easter baskets inside and just played with some eggs instead of hunting them... and it was a WONDERFUL day!   We only got a couple pictures right before church of our family all dressed up, so we just might have to do a redo for some more pictures on the next sunny day! =)

Last week the boys and I went to our neighborhood playgroup Easter party. They boys had fun riding in their wagon, but did get to get out to hunt a few eggs!  Well, more like grab two eggs each, run in opposite directions (away from Mommy) and try to steal eggs out of other kids baskets!  But we had a great time!



The Steiner Bunnies, ready to escape the wagon and get some eggs!

And they're off!

Jack was trying to scarf down the jelly beans out of his eggs!

And today--Easter...
I wanted a front shot of their cute little outfits,
but they attacked the laundry room instead.

Our Family--with some serious boys!
 At Red Lobster...
Look at the lobsters!
The boys got Easter baskets with a few goodies from Mommy and Daddy, and also Easter baskets from Mammaw and Pappaw with jammies, cute basketball short outfits, and little cars!  What fun!!
 Bubbles came in one basket...



 Blurry, but I had to show you their excitement!

They also got some yummy snacks (teddy grahams) in their easter eggs, and promptly shoveled them into their mouths!

First taste of Peeps... YUM!

Mammaw and Pappaw with the boys
Gene and Kathy got the boys the coolest book that has their voices recorded reading the story!  It is such a special gift and the boys love it! I know this is one that we will read many many times!

Betsy Bunny--with Jack trying to steal her ears! =)

And Mommy just had to have a little bit of fun with her boys too!  I wanted a picture of me holding the boys wearing they wore the ears, but this is as close as we could get today!

My boys...


And the boys thought Daddy needed a snack!

What a great relaxing day! Thanks Gene and Kathy for coming down!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

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