March 21, 2012

Uncle Aaron!

Two weekends ago, Uncle Aaron and Sara came to visit us!  The boys were so excited to see them!  Somehow, I ended up with hardly any pictures, and none of Sara! =(  Bad blogger!  I guess we were all just having too much fun to remember to get some good shots of all of us together! The boys were showing all of their adorable skills, and so happy, giggly, and chatty!  We all sat around at the dining room table one night, and the boys literally competed for attention while they ate their food!  They knew they were the stars of the show, and lived up every moment!
I was doing laundry, so the boys got to climb into the
hamper for a little bit of fun!

Sara played with them in their tunnel, one of their favorite places ever! They giggled and peeked in at her, and crawled all over her!
Here is the one time we got pictures with Uncle Aaron.  I brought the boys in to wake him up, and he was quite surprised to wake up with twin boys on his chest!  The boys thought it was great fun!

Betsy had to join in the fun too!

Thank you guys, for coming to visit us!  It was such fun to have you here, and we can't wait for the next time!  Let's for sure take more pictures! 

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