March 20, 2012

Toys from Grandpa!

Grandpa has been showering the boys with really cool wooden block maze toys!  And the boys LOVE them!!  He brought the first one last week, and they seriously sat and played with it for 45 minutes straight before bedtime!  (That is an unheard of amount of time for them on one toy!)
Then, first thing the next morning, they played with it again...for another 30 minutes!  I would say this is a perfect present!
Will says, "Thanks Grandpa!"
Then Mommy ghetto-rigged it to a table with belts so they would stop trying to carry it away from their brother.  This worked well, and the boys seem to like standing and playing.


Then Grandpa came this week with SUPER wooden block maze!!!  This one has a wooden base with activities on all four sides, with a bead maze with animals on top!
They were mesmerized and slightly overwhelmed with all that it had on it!  But they LOVE it!

Will, so intently playing...

Jack, loving the 'quack-quack' on top!

Playing with Grandpa
Grandpa love!  

Thank you, Grandpa, for finding these awesome presents!!!  We love them!!! And we love you!!

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